Rule the World Tonight – A Cry of Passion, Frustration and Angst

Rule the World Tonight - A Cry of Passion, Frustration and Angst

Rule the World Tonight, the latest single from Northern Ireland Rockers, Saint Sapphire has all the subtlety and finesse of an out of control Bull Elephant on the rampage. It matches Fire and Passion and takes Frustration with the current way we live to new heights.

It is the anthem of a lost youth, a generation betrayed and let down by one World Leader after another. The cry is for inclusivity as opposed to elitism and negativity and the politics of selfishness and isolation.

The Band emerge from the streets of Northern Ireland, the first in a new generation born since the Troubles that took many thousands of innocent lives and articulate they don’t want to go back to the old days. The future lies ahead full of promise, please don’t take us back they cry to the corrupt elite that appear to be in control nowadays.

In an age where the pursuit of money and all that it represents would put even the likes of Gordon Gekko to shame, Saint Sapphire scream for a return to the days when the voice of the ordinary man and woman in the street was heard.

It is time to take back control, to take back the streets for the common man. The future is full of hope, it belongs to the likes of Saint Sapphire.

Available from all the usual digital outlets, Rule the World Tonight is the first single on the new GME/Sony/Orchard label and is out now:

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