A science fiction writer tries to unify physics and religion

A Chinese tries to use science to prove the existence of God!
He wrote a book, in which he proposed a theory that unites religion and science.

In the fifty-fourth chapter of the book, he reconstructed physics with a photon snake and a graviton, explaining:

1. The essence of space
2. Formation of material quality
3. The big explosion of the universe
4. The large contraction of the universe
5. The reason why anti-particles are not visible in the universe
6. Unified electromagnetic force and gravity
7. The essence of strong nuclear power and weak nuclear power
8. The essence of gravitational fields, electric fields and magnetic fields
9. Why do matter particles generate charge?

In this novel, the author first reconstructed the concept of time and introduced the concept of “Planck graphics card”, thinking that the scene we saw was “Planck graphics” real-time simulation, just like When we play the game, the game screen is simulated by the computer graphics card in real time. Compared with our ordinary graphics card, this Planck graphics card has a high number of refresh frames, reaching 10 billion trillions of frames per second. This high number of frames is obviously not very meaningful to the human eye. However, the author points out that the number of frames set to such a high level is not designed for humans only, but for the movement of photons. He believes that there is a separate Planck card in each photon.

 In order to prove that this “Planck graphics card” is universal, the novel cites an important conclusion in the theory of relativity – the constant speed of light, and boldly points out that the constant speed of light is caused by the fixed frequency of the Planck graphics card, no matter two How the relative motion speed between objects changes, the refresh rate of the object’s own Planck graphics card will not change, which is reflected in the graphics card to simulate the constant speed of light in the picture.

In addition to physics, in other chapters he explained the nature of time and proposed the concept of Planck’s God-level graphics card, pointing out that our world was simulated by God-level computers. And through a beautiful love story, he profoundly analyzed the truth of human nature and life.


Physics Chapter 54: http://www.ziweihuan.com/physics.pdf

Physics Chapter 54 Source: http://ziweihuan.com/story/54.html 

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