MicDrop – A Movement of Teaching Public Speaking

MicDrop - A Movement of Teaching Public Speaking

Every single person we meet and spend time with has a story behind him or her.

April 19, 2019 – Every single person we meet and spend time with has a story behind him or her. Each one of us has come from somewhere, been through struggles and challenges as well as highs and lows and we learn to live with them as a gem of personal experience.

When individuals share their stories together it brings trust, understanding, growth as well as a positive live worthy environment. The most effective way of connecting to each other is through speech. Nevertheless, do we always know how to use these words to effectively express our inner feelings and emotions? Are we always brave enough to share our experiences with other people?

MicDrop helps guide you to tap into a deeper self, finding your purpose, passion and what drives you. Your story is different from others and in most cases very new to most of us out here. However, someone really needs to hear your story to help them renew strength and create hope in their lives. Storytelling is characterized by the idea of passing a message where the way we express ourselves makes people have an idea of who we really are and what makes us the people we are.

Public speaking needs self-empowerment and unlimited confidence for one to deliver the message in the exact way they intended to. The MicDrop method by Rosh Lowe harnesses the power of storytelling to increase self-confidence and stimulate personal and professional growth. Once you find your voice then expressing yourself becomes the best moment for you.

In society we are living in, team building is vital for everyone. I can describe a team as a group of people who trust each other. Trust comes in when people get to hear, learn, and understand each other’s story. A team cannot work optimally together when there is no mutual respect and trust.

In any case, MicDrop partners with businesses and individuals to create room for vulnerability. Storytelling becomes sweet through deep and thoughtful connective communication. We are all speakers but emotional honesty is what creates a deep-rooted strong bond between a speaker and the audience.

MicDrop formula is what you need to get the keys to unlocking your true potential. Experience, self-confidence and every other aspect needed to make you a real hero in telling your own story is what you gain with MicDrop. MicDrop moves you to not only communicate effectively but also learn how to listen better. You are more than you know. Strong than you ever thought and most importantly someone’s turning point if you only woke up now and boldly told us your story exclusively.

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