Plastic Card Online Announces To Offer Custom Plastic Membership Cards In A Variety Of Options

The company offers a variety of custom plastic card options and also offers custom card holders for a business to promote its brand and develop relationships with customers.

With the low price guarantee and free design services, Plastic Card Online offers a number of custom plastic card options for a client to choose from. They can print custom plastic cards of different types, which may include blank cards, discount cards, gift cards, membership cards, smart cards and so on. These cards can be designed with barcodes, magnetic strips, scratch-off panels, embossing effects, matte lamination, laser prints, foil stamping, laser stamping and other choices. At the same time, a variety of shapes and sizes are also available as per the special request of the client.

Plastic Card Online Announces To Offer Custom Plastic Membership Cards In A Variety Of Options

The company spokesperson reveals that they supply custom plastic membership cards for a business to grow its loyal customers or members. This type of card can ideally be used by restaurants, clubs, gyms, health centers, spas, salons, dental clinics and other businesses that grow on the basis of their memberships. Plastic Card Online can personalize these membership cards with the name, logo and other specific details of the company. The barcode included in the cards helps in recording data related to specific members, and a business can track all activities of its members. Designed beautifully, members will love to carry these cards along and can take advantage of the special deals and offers that a business often offers to its members. These plastic membership cards will lure new customers and will increase the business of a company.

Besides barcode card, the company also specializes in designing the magnetic strip card that can efficiently read all information. Plastic Card Online can supply cards with both Loco magnetic strips and Hico magnetic strips. The Loco strips are meant for short-term applications, while Hico magnetic strips have more powerful magnetic fields to be used for banking and access control applications. Plastic Card Online can design both types of magnetic strip cards and maintain a cost-effective price. However, Hico magnetic cards are more secure and can be suitable for swiping more often than Loco strip magnetic cards. The Loco strip magnetic strip cards can be used for membership cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, hotel access cards and other applications.

The spokesperson reveals that they not only supply custom plastic cards, but also has an attractive custom card holder range in their portfolio. The experienced designers in their team work hard to design eye-catching card holders that can increase the brand value of a business. These card holders could be in different dimensions and can perfectly be designed to keep custom plastic cards in an impressive manner.  They offer a variety of design and color choices and can customize the card holder according to the specific requirement of the client. The plastic cards could be sent to a customer in a card holder to make a long-lasting impression.

One can check the all types of custom plastic cards the company can supply by visiting their website

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Plastic Card Online prints plastic cards like blank cards, membership cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, promotional cards, plastic business cards, hotel keycard, smart cards, gift cards, combo keytags, discount cards, fundraising cards, ID badges, travel luggage tags, promotional cards, VIP cards and far more. All these cards can be personalized with a company’s logo design or brand name and variable data like barcode, magstrip, signature panel, sequential numbers and more.

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