CYCJET Launched Product Tracing System Of Pesticide Using QR Code Program

The pesticide product traceability QR code consists of seven information elements, namely enterprise code, commodity code, packaging indicator, component code, dosage code, toxicity code and commodity random serial number. The enterprise completes the design according to these requirements. After that, the remaining work will be completed by the CYCJET pesticide QR code program.

1. CYCJET Code-generating Software includes UCG Code-generating Core to ensure the uniqueness and validity of the generated pesticide QR code, no re-code, good code. While generating the information code according to the enterprise design, Domino software can also associate batch information in real time, control user permissions, and give more accurate protection to the correct information.

2. The CYCJET industrial inkjet printer, which integrates seamlessly with the Code-generating software, matches the different packaging forms and materials of the pesticide products and the printing process used by the pesticide company’s current production line.

Four pesticides coding schemes, “adapted to local conditions”, the advantages are more prominent:

1. CYCJET B3020 high-speed industrial inkjet printer all-metal stainless steel body, IP66 electronic protection grade, not afraid of any harsh production environment, integrated in the pesticide production line, to achieve pesticide bottle body, bottle cap, bottle bottom, etc. The QR code on the location is coded online at speeds of 10-35 m/min. The CYCJET B3020 CIJ printer is maintenance-free, and the easy-to-learn interface of the smartphone makes it easy for pesticide line operators to get started.

CYCJET Launched Product Tracing System Of Pesticide Using QR Code Program

2. CYCJET ALT200 portable inkjet printer, which can also be integrated into the pesticide production line. The core component nozzles are imported from the UK and operate without trouble for a long time. In the application of pesticide boxes, CYCJET offers a variety of ink colors and types to meet the code requirements of different color paper boxes.

CYCJET Launched Product Tracing System Of Pesticide Using QR Code Program

3. For the application of pesticide pre-made bags, film, and labels, CYCJET UV inkjet printer can be integrated into the sorting machine, rewinder, packaging machine or labeling machine. One host controls multiple machines and the operation is simple. Or it can be done at the end of the production line by manual operation. The unique 60% saving mode greatly reduces the cost of using pesticide companies.

CYCJET Launched Product Tracing System Of Pesticide Using QR Code Program

4. CYCJET large format inkjet printer is responsible for direct coding on the outer box, 600dpi high resolution effect, clear printing QR code, barcode, logo, and production date batch number and other information.

CYCJET’s professional tracking and trace QR code solution has been successfully applied in many industries. Its pesticide QR code scheme realizes the uniqueness of each pesticide QR code, so that one label corresponds to a minimum sales package, helping pesticide manufacturers to Completion of the compliance code before the specified time.

CYCJET Launched Product Tracing System Of Pesticide Using QR Code Program

CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years of experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, portable marking solution in Shanghai China.


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