Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle, a Book by Eric Neal on Spirituality, God, and Religion

Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle, a Book by Eric Neal on Spirituality, God, and Religion

Auckland, New Zealand – April 19, 2019 – Spirituality has the rank of basic human needs – one can derive spirituality from infinite sources. The book “Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle” by Eric Neal is centered on spirituality and its connection to God and religion or lack thereof. This book is a product of confused curiosity – the author narrates his spiritual journey that was unexpectantly enhanced by someone who he met and eventually became his BFF. “Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle” is of great usability for anyone looking for clarity on the subject of God’s existence and religion.

Eric Neal published “Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle” following his search for answers to questions in regards to religion. The search took him on a journey, and it was like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. It finally provided a picture and life’s meaning opened up for him. The book holds the key to the recognition of the fulfillment of the prophecies contained in the Holy books of all the world’s major religions. The book has high readability, and it will have a positive impact on readers, provided they read it with an open mind and a high degree of objectivity.

“Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle” has exciting connotations. Eric Neal wishes that this book he wrote be adapted into celluloid with the events that unfold in the final chapter of the book made into the film’s climax, in a vivid portrayal. The author is confident that the adaptation of his book into a movie is neither a long shot nor far off. It is just a matter of the right person recognizing the importance of the over-riding message of this book and turning it into a blockbuster movie.

The desire to share his life-changing findings with others is what drove Eric Neal to write “Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle.” Eric understands that it is beyond human capacity to understand our creator, but the book takes the reader from the present point in the reader’s search for understanding, on a journey that removes all the human-made roadblocks along the route. There is no other book quite like it.

About the author

Eric Neal was born in London, England, and moved to New Zealand with his parents at the age of eleven. He says he was always curious about God and religion, but it all seemed somewhat confusing. That was until he met Hugh Carden, who became a lifelong friend. From that point on, things started to make sense. In his book, Eric describes his spiritual journey, arriving at a destination he was beginning to believe didn’t exist.

For anyone who doubts the existence of God, or needs some clarity around the whole subject of religion, this book is a ‘must read.’

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