Jersey Shore Cosmetics Launches Revolutionary Safe Mineral Sunscreen through Crowdfunding Campaign

Being able to fully enjoy the sun’s rays is one of life’s most underrated pleasures. The destruction of the ozone layer leading to an increase in skin cancer is enough to scare anyone. Harmful chemicals found in most skin care products don’t make it easy either. This is why Jersey Shore Cosmetics’ Indiegogo campaign is so exciting. They are launching a new mineral sunscreen that is free of all the harmful ingredients like oxybenzone, homosalate, nanoparticles etc. but is vegan and cruelty-free.  Their brand Jersey Shore Sun, is entirely safe and formulated for all skin tones.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics is a renowned company in the cosmetics industry and has been top rated by PETA, Livestrong and for its safe products. Their Jersey Shore Sun, serious sun product launch will introduce sheerer mineral sunscreen with a UVA broad spectrum protection and excellent anti-aging properties. They will also launch a sunless tanning lotion that would be a safer alternative to tanning beds and overexposure to the sun. To make this product safest possible for their consumers, no banned or toxic ingredients will be used in its manufacturing. It will not only be stable and effective but also lack hormone disrupters and banned sunscreen ingredients. This product is safe and effective and for all skin tones.   

The research and development phase has been completed so all funds donated through this campaign will be channeled towards production costs. The formula has also been finalized and all that’s remaining is production. Other costs include packaging, design, shipping, and acquisition of raw materials. All funders of this crowdfunding campaign will either receive the sunscreen or chosen perks and have the exclusivity of receiving pre-launch dates. There are also perks for the donors no matter how small their contribution will be.   

In a world where most skin products contain harmful agents, it is refreshing to find at least one that is safe for people and the planet. Jersey Shore Sun is safe eco-reef-friendly, non-toxic, serious sun care products. This brand only goes to prove that it is possible to produce effective but safe skin products. Every dollar given will help in making the world a little bit safer.

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