Power BAR Women\’s Fitness: Hot Pole Dance Fitness That Empowers Women Nationwide

Power BAR Women’s Fitness empowers women to feel comfortable in their skin through pole dancing

Imagine a world where women can express themselves freely with confidence while getting toned in a scenic location. Believe it or not, this world exists at Teresa Saffold’s Power BAR Women’s Fitness.  The company features pole dancing classes that encourage a transcending of body and self-image issues that hold women back from living proudly and fully in their bodies.

A lot of people often find it difficult to tell people they go to a pole dancing studio to workout because of the grins, giggles, and condemnation. This unfortunate opinion keeps a lot of pole dancing clients in the dark about their fitness choice for fear of being excommunicated. The Silent Battle they face from Family, Employers, and the Church Family, Friends, Society, Employers, and Church leaders all have an opinion about pole dancing as an excellent form of fitness. The news has reported instances of teachers being suspended because they led or have taken pole dance classes, as well as other corporate careers in jeopardy simply because of someone’s fitness choice. Families have also been in upheavals, children embarrassed, spouses discontented over mom’s evening classes at the local pole dance studio.

Why is pole dancing still not being accepted as a real form of total body fitness? Teresa Saffold shares: “People are looking at pole dancing and pole fitness on a superficial level and are not inside the dance studios to truly witness the internal benefits pole dancing classes have on its participants. These unseen benefits not only help build a better woman but also helps those involved in the lives of the women who pole dance. First off they are fun, light-hearted, and have been known as an escape from stress. Secondly, they are emotionally uplifting and actively help women overcome self-esteem traumas. The focus is all on the participant and not the amount of weight that has been racked or speed of completing a mile run. A woman can come into the pole dance studio and be free to be expressive, free of judgment, and be childlike. We leave the “adulting” at the door and become vulnerable in the best possible way.”

She continued: “Pole Dancing Classes also foster a positive community environment among women which is a breeding ground for creating friendships as an adult. So many women find it incredibly hard to form friendships that are meaningful and lasting, especially as we age. People seem to be more guarded about who they befriend, and this makes it hard to increase the friendship circle. Also, emotional abuse that makes women feel unattractive, bad broken relationships, weight conscious and body image issues are all tackled by the format of Power BAR Women’s Fitness pole dancing classes. It is our desire for each student with whom we work to attain a greater sense of freedom in physical expression, to soar and dance in ways that she could only dream. Pole fitness is the basis of life, and to transform movement is to expand and grow in new ways: psychologically, socially, and spiritually and emotionally.”

Teresa is passionate about women being strong in their validation of beauty, intelligence, and right. She does not allow women to talk negatively about themselves, and of course others. Power BAR Women’s Fitness pole dance classes are about owning who you are as a woman and being proud of it. 

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