7F Performance Strength Training Services Guarantees Pro Athletes Best Season Ever

7F Performance Strength Training Services Guarantees Pro Athletes Best Season Ever

Kirkland, Washington – 7F Performance is pleased to announce their strength training services guarantees pro athletes their best season ever.

Based in Kirkland, Washington, 7F Performance provides pro athletes with dynamic strength training services that are specifically designed to give athletes the competitive edge they need to beat the competition.

“As a highly competitive athlete myself, I know how critical it is to follow a comprehensive training program to help you reach an elite performance level,” says Donny Mateaki, founder of 7F Performance. “Growing up in Honolulu gave me the opportunity to play sports year-round and I quickly discovered my love of training and working out. This passion led to an offer to play football for the University of Washington, where I earned 2nd team Freshmen All-American honors.”

“This changed, however, when I lost strength in both my upper and lower body because I injured my left foot in college and it changed everything,” Mateaki continues. “After finishing college, I devoted all of my time to becoming a full-time sports performance specialist to research the science of peak performance and all that goes into it. This research has led me to create 7F Performance – a business that enables me to share my comprehensive findings with athletes from around the world.”

7F Performance provides pro athletes with an edge to reach their peak performance through their Elite Performance Training program. This comprehensive program utilizes individualized assessments and evaluations that give feedback to support athletes in the following areas:

  • Breathing
  • Sleep
  • DNA testing
  • Blood work
  • Nutrition
  • Posture
  • Mobility
  • Individualized workout program
  • Life plan
  • And so much more

“All of this crucial testing will help to create the scientifically and goal-based ultimate program designed unique to you,” states Mateaki. “Once we put all of the puzzle pieces together, we can help you to achieve your lifelong goals in the most healthy and efficient way possible.”

Currently, Mateaki is offering this incredible program to pro athletes for the cost of $1,000,000.

“Though our cost may seem like a great deal of money, we offer only the best strength training services in the world,” states Mateaki. “We can guarantee pro athletes their best season ever, with no non-contact injuries.”

Donny Mateaki is a leading life and business strategist, and the author of Building Indestructible Athletes.

For more information about 7F Performance, please visit the company’s website at http://www.7fperformance.com/about/.

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