Now Promptly Calculate and Compare USPS UPS Shipping Rates Online

Now Promptly Calculate and Compare USPS UPS Shipping Rates Online
Gone are those days when individuals need to go to an UPS store or a nearby post office to know the shipping rates only once they were fine to shell out. has made it possible to find the shipping rates of each service through its online UPS shipping rates calculator without making any prior commitments.

United States – April 22, 2019 – Finding USPS shipping rates was truly not that straightforward. However, it is now a simple and instant task with the free UPS USPS shipping rates calculator at InstantShip’s official site.

This free calculator facilitates users to see how much a shipping package will cost. In other words, with this instant computation, users can easily select from diverse delivery services and rates as per the location.

Users can find all possible shipping options as per the predetermined delivery needs. According to a spokesperson, “We recognize the fact that one service may be quicker than the another. Thus, we have made our site such that it can reveal all possible shipping options so that our users can take the decision by staying informed and updated. They can choose from USPS Priority Mail, UPS SurePost, UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air, and so on.”

The site also allows comparing the shipping rates instantly. The online robust calculator facilitates comparing the rates of UPS and USPS as per the location and time of delivery. Thus, visitors can glance at all available rates for the packing according to how quickly one wants it to reach its destination.

The calculator is totally free and it works fast. It is also easy to comprehend it. There is no hidden fee involved nor a condition of joining a program for using the shipping calculator.

As per a spokesperson, “A few competitors ask for a monthly fee for their such services. However, we do not prefer asking for such fees from our customers, especially while not using our services. Thus, no monthly fee is there with us. There is no need for a contract too.”

About InstantShip

Founded in 2018, InstantShip is an evolving small-team company that aims to discover simple logistic solutions for both business and individuals alike. It believes in introducing as much freedom as possible in the field of logistics, which drives it in making different discoveries. The USPS shipping rates calculator is the result of this drive. 

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