Inspirational Speaker, Radesha Dixon, Debuts Men’s Empowerment Book

Alexandria, VA – April 22, 2019 – Author Radesha “Desh” Dixon announced the release of her new book, “Kings Don’t Settle: A Book of Poems to Empower Men.” Available on Amazon, Dixon has composed powerful pieces designed to inspire, encourage, and help men around the world in their relationships.

“For all the good men out there, this book is for you,” said Dixon.

A highly in-demand international inspirational and motivational speaker, Dixon draws upon her experience as a dating and life coach in the book. She believes it’s never too late for anyone to make positive changes in their life. “Kings Don’t Settle” is the result of her God-given inspiration that recognizes the good men in the world, their many contributions, and urges them to take their rightful place in the world.

Modern literature that highlights and encourages men’s motivation is in short supply and Dixon’s new book will help men in their personal and professional relationships. Her topics deal with manliness, empowerment and provides a launching point for a man to restore his courage, mental fortitude and deal with the unique challenges of the today’s world.

“Kings Don’t Settle” is an accompaniment to Dixon’s previous book, “Queen’s Don’t Settle: A Book of Poems to Empower Women,” that was originally released in 2017. Dixon will be re-releasing an updated version of “Queens Don’t Settle” in the latter part of April 2019.

“I’m all for my ladies, that’s where my heart is, but I’m happy to use my gifts and talents to help empower men as well,” said Dixon.

The author is also the founder of No More Broken Records™, a movement that seeks to empower women with essential information they need to be independent and live their best life. She’s also a Forex trader that works to help women and men take control of their monetary resources for financial freedom.

“Kings Don’t Settle: A Book of Poems to Empower Men” is essential reading for men’s empowerment.  Dixon has utilized her extensive expertise as a motivational speaker and life coach to produce a stunning collection of poems for men’s motivation.

About Radesha Dixon

Radesha “Desh” Dixon is a highly respected inspirational and motivational expert with speaking engagements around the world. She’s an author, poet, model, pageant title-holder and Forex trader.  Dixon is the founder of the No More Broken Records™ movement and has been featured in numerous print and broadcast media including The Secret Mirror with Dr. Joe Vitale and the Huffington Post.

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