Powder Coating of Dallas Fort Worth educates clients on the value of powder coating versus paint

Powder Coating of Dallas Fort Worth educates clients on the value of powder coating versus paint

Save Time and Money with this Safe, Durable Alternative

Located in beautiful Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, the team behind Powder Coating Dallas Fort Worth (www.powdercoatingdallasfortworth.com) has committed their business to providing exceptional service and unmatched powder coating results sure to impress even the most discerning of customers. 

According to powdercoatingdallasfortworth.com, outer coatings are about more than aesthetic and visual appeal. Protection is a major role, as coatings form a protective layer around everything from metals to structures. The standard for coating in the past has been paint, but Powder Coating of Dallas Fort Worth is here to educate clients about powder coating as a high-quality, low-cost alternative to wet paint, offering superior protection and faster application.

Higher Quality, Cheaper Cost

Powder coating is more durable than wet paint, protecting project items from chipping, scratching, and other wear and tear — including environmental damage.

This alternative to traditional wet paint also offers superior color retention and a smooth finish. Long-term exposure to moisture or sun can wear down resins in both; however, powder coating is more resistant to this wear and lasts longer than wet paint.

Powder coating is often more affordable than wet paint for a myriad of reasons. Powder coatings have a better utilization rate, and the powder can be collected and reused — unlike liquid paint. Safety and environmental regulations also play a hand in cost; wet paint is more hazardous, so it needs more coverage on insurance premiums. Powder coating also costs less to dispose of. All of these savings are reflected in pricing for clients.

Versatile and Efficient Application

Powder Coating of Dallas/Fort Worth’s highly trained team delivers a fine spray of powder through a special electrostatic gun, which bonds to metal in an even coat. The coated piece is then fired in a curing oven where the powder gels; this process creates thermal bonds between the powder’s particles which result in a smooth, hard finish.

Because of this efficient application process, powder coating can more easily coat oddly shaped or textured items. Application is also faster as compared to wet paint, with the curing process taking far less time to dry and set up.

 Common Items Customers Bring in for Powder Coating Include:

  • Patio and outdoor furniture
  • Automotive parts and wheels
  • Signs and awnings
  • Metal fencing
  • Industrial items

Healthier and Safer Too

Wet paint emits volatile organic compounds; long-term exposure can lead to respiratory irritation and other health issues — especially when one is exposed in small spaces. Liquid paint is also flammable and must be carefully stored.

On the other, safer side, stands powder coating. Because powder coating has no fluids that evaporate, it does not emit VOCs, thus eliminating the exposure risks. Powder coating is also safer and easier to store, cutting down on overhead and –as a result– client cost.

About Powder Coating Dallas

Their team has been working in the powder coating industry for a number of years, with a goal of ensuring their clients are given the best standard of powder coating available. No matter what the item is that you’d like to revamp, their team can get the job done right.

To contact Powder Coating of Dallas Fort Worth for a consultation on a project, clients can visit their website or reach out directly via the contact information below.

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