Enjoy Perfectly Smoked Meat with Texas Original BBQ Pits

Enjoy Perfectly Smoked Meat with Texas Original BBQ Pits
Grill Meat to Perfection!

Houston, TX – Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits is handcrafted smoker and BBQ manufacturer that specializes in fabricating offset smokers and bbq pits made on location straight out of Texas. They are active contributors in the market for decades now and have never compromised on the standard of the quality of their products. All of their pits and smokers are hand forged and therefore, are durable and extremely strong. Their smoker pits and other products are nearly indestructible as ex-oilfield welders make these pits and grills every single week by hand.

Texas Original BBQ Pits came into existence in 2007 by the owner Anthony Saragusa. He had spent most of his manufacturing career building steel reels “spools” used spooling wire, electrical cable, and hydraulic coiled tubing used in the oilfield. In the face of a recession, Anthony decided to take action to ensure the sustainability of his income and those who were dependent upon him. In his words: “If we were to survive the tough times, we needed to manufacture something with two goals. First: manufacture something that would make our team feel good, develop purpose, and take pride in. Second: create something that would sell in order to provide for our company and our families. Our passion for Texas BBQ was the answer. Looking back now at those scary and uncertain times, we learned a lot about ourselves and our shop. Our team is proud of our can-do attitude and culture. The bad time also taught us that tough times don’t last, but tough people do.I’m very happy and proud to BBQ and grill on my high quality, affordable Smokers and Grills we build at Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits. We build our pits with only new 1/4″ steel pipe and 3/16 plate. All of our doors, vents and hinges are precision tight. A Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pit will last 20 + years and each one is guaranteed for life against burn-out. If you can’t cook competition award winning BBQ on your current pit, then try a Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits. If you have the same results, then maybe it’s not the pit.”

The quality and strength of the pits produced by Texas Original Pits is summed up by one of their customer’s. A Texas Pit’s customer called in after a hurricane and said that one of their smoker pits in their backyard flew 30 feet high into the air before crashing into the ground in the last hurricane in Texas. After the storm subsided, the grill was found to be perfectly fine except a few scratches here and there. Cliffs notes, these grills are made to last and are insanely strong.

Texas Originals takes pride in announcing that our products have been sold in fine retail stores like Cabela’s, Tractor Supply, Buc-ee’s and many other fine retailers around the country. In addition to the USA, Texas Original Pits has distributors in New Zealand and Sweden. To celebrate their fine success through-out the tears, they are offering free shipping on all their bestsellers, their Luling Offset Smoker, and Pearsall Smokers. If you are reading this and you would like to checkout their new e-commerce site, they are offering Free Shipping and financing options as low as $78 per month by Clicking on this Link and making a purchase within the next 5 days! Bookmark it, save the link, share it with a friend, family member, or fellow BBQ lover, and you will enjoy perfectly smoked BBQ for years to come.

About The Company:

Texas Original BBQ Pits sells the highest quality middle market smoker pits, fire pits, and BBQ grills. Buy it once, buy it for life!

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