Neon87 – Now Offering Custom Neon Sign Design Services

Apr 22, 2019 – London – Neon87 is one of the UK’s most exciting bespoke signage company. The last year has witnessed the company evolving from an online retailer specializing in selling their own designs into a company helping other businesses turn their ideas into custom neon signs. At, they draw on their unrivaled creativity and practical experience for producing exclusively customized solutions for every individual sign project.The quality and the reputation of the company has helped it in establishing a long-term and trusted relationship with customers coming from different sectors of the industry. At present, the company is working for creative individuals and organisations in almost all the conceivable fields, mainly events, weddings and interior design.

Neon87 is one neon sign retailer and designer in the UK that still holds true to its values of conventional craftsmanship. The company has even embraced major advancements that have been made in the field of technology and within the neon sign designing industry for making its services highly efficient and useful for all the clients. It is also worth noting that despite using the latest technology and best materials, almost all of their signs are handmade. Neon87 Ltd has invested countless hours souring the best materials, talking directly with manufacturers and pushing the boundaries of what can be create with LED neon.

Sources close to the custom neon designing team of the company say, “We have this true passion in providing the services that we are best in. We offer a personal approach to every project that we deal in and with the same ethos. Regardless of whether the project that we are working on is a private residential client or a FTSE100 company, we put in the same effort and quality that we are known for. We have this strong belief in the fact that the core to continued expansion and success of any business is hard work and good quality and ultimately satisfies the clients.”

When it comes to signs and neons in general, there is no other company that can beat the services available from Neon87. The professionals working for the company specialise in design,  helping their clients create a truly unique design which will look amazing in Neon. With every project that the company works on or deals in, it is hand on to help its clients in achieving their brand identity and vision. The company also works on taking into account the price, quality and environmental influence of the products that it is producing. It is only through its work experience in varied industries and with a host of customers from design agencies along with visual merchandisers and architects that the company has been successful in grabbing the expertise that it is known for in the present times.

Coming to the facilities available from the company in the field of producing LED neons, neons, architectural signs, commercial signs and various other types of signages, the quality is simply breathtaking. The firm does not leave a single stone unturned in ensuring that its products and services meet the required deadlines and the expectations of the clients in the best way possible. All the signs are hand manufactured carefully by making the effective use of different materials and techniques for creating a good visual impact.

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