Helpful Tips for People in Need of Buying Rx Eyeglasses

Helpful Tips for People in Need of Buying Rx Eyeglasses

Finding the perfect pair of glasses online can be a daunting and lengthy task. In many ways, it can seem more of a quest than a shopping experience. With that in mind, I made the decision to make the journey into the complex world of buying glasses online in order to help you find the best source for buying glasses online. 

Here is one writer’s quest to find the best place to buy glasses online which can save you time, money, and more than a few headaches. Buying prescription glasses online can be risky if you don’t take the time to educate yourself about your prescription, specific eye care needs, and how to find a reliable and reputable online glasses retailer. 

My journey begins with an optometrist prescription for eyeglasses from a well-qualified and reputable optometrist. With my prescription in hand, I jumped into the void into the online world of eyeglasses stores by doing a simple Google search for online glasses. I was immediately assaulted with thousands of choices near and far. The first thing I did was to narrow my search by reading reviews of the top ten retailers on my search list.

After my list was whittled down to five, I then began to focus on price and selection. Keep in mind that many online glasses stores are located outside the U.S., so if speed is a concern for you, then you may want to consider only ordering glasses from stores located within the United States. However, many retailers offer express shipping for an added cost, but one of the primary reasons most people buy glasses online is to save money. If you’re on a tight budget, stick to a local retailer and save the cost of international express shipping. If cost is not too much of a concern, then add a few international stores to your list.

After I browsed all five websites and made notes of price and selection, I narrowed my list down to three promising and reputable online stores. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have a strong or complex prescription, ordering glasses online may not be your best choice. For complex prescriptions, an optician must fit the frames to where your center of vision should be to ensure that you’re looking through the exact spot that corrects your focus. If you order glasses online and have a problem with the fit, your vision may not be as good as it should be. One solution to this pitfall is to order your glasses from an online store that offers a comprehensive fit guide on its website that is easy to understand. Online eyeglasses stores that feature their own name brands, such as Felix Gray and other popular brands, are usually your best choice for buying glasses online.

Buying glasses online definitely has its advantages. Online stores offer a great selection of styles, colors, name and designer brands to choose from. Online stores also generally offer lower prices than brick and mortar stores. After you find a good online store, stick with the same one for all your glasses and vision wear needs.

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