DrEdema.com: A New Website that Offers Online Consultation, Healthy Living Advice and Coaching to Individuals and Families

Calgary, Alberta – 23rd April, 2019 – The British Medical Journal revealed that increased numbers of patients are now seeking medical advice and consultation online. Considering this, DrEdema.com is now made available. Many individuals resort to this option simply because it provides a quick yet discreet avenue to address a wide range of health or medical concerns from the comfort of your home or office, without needing to take time off or travel across the city to seek qualified medical help.

When it comes to professional medical advice, consultation, and health coaching, DrEdema.com is one of the best platforms that individuals can use. This is an online virtual medical clinic, providing you access to expert medical advice and health coaching, centered on the a philosophy of patient-centered care, holistic approach to your health management as well as providing unrestricted access to virtual doctors on a range of medical condition.

DrEdema.com Offers Convenient Form of Access to Clients

DrEdema.com is a new website designed to provide expert consultation and advice on a wide range of medical conditions including  diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia,  chronic pain, digestive health, weight loss, depression, erectile dysfunction, prostate problems, contraceptive advice, menopausal symptoms, other women’s health concerns and more.

There are three forms of access in case individuals opt to use the services offered by DrEdema.com. These are, a one-off consultation or advisory service for specific non-emergency medical concerns, a monthly pay service for on-going year-round medical advisory or consultation service. Under this form, individuals will have a personal doctor on call for them, all year round, and a health coaching service for a specific health condition from the beginning until the agreed endpoint or goal is achieved.

DrEdema.com is spearheaded by Omatseye Edema, an emergency room practitioner and family physician and women’s health expert with a special interest in digestive health, obesity, chronic pain and more. He is also a health coach, a speaker, and an author. DrEdema.com will be delivering services through telephone or secured video platform to patients from all over the world. For patient outside Canada, it is mainly an advisory service.

DrEdema.com Extends its Services to More Individuals Looking For Health Coaching Online

Nowadays when more individuals are becoming more concerned about their health, the services offered by DrEdema.com is proven to be beneficial. This medical advice, consultation, and health coaching guarantees improved access. Despite the unique ways of accessing services, this medical advice, consultation, and health coaching platform is proven to treat holistically.

About DrEdema.com:

Dredema.com is a new website that offers expert advice and health coaching to individuals and families. Whether it is digestive health, women’s health, obesity or chronic pain, this new platform can provide helpful information about different health issues that can also help individuals to cope with such conditions.

For more information, feel free to check out https://www.dredema.com/. For more inquiries call at +14034790982 and for further assistance, email at consult@dredema.com.  

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