GSmart Auto-Reply App for Gmail Increases Efficiency for Businesses and Individuals

GSmart Auto-Reply App for Gmail Increases Efficiency for Businesses and Individuals

Bangalore, India – is pleased to announce that its brand new auto-reply app for Gmail is increasing efficiency levels for businesses and individuals around the world.

Imagine the convenience of being able to reply to important emails even at 2 am while you are fast asleep. Even in the early hours of the morning emails will get an immediate, customized response almost immediately. This is what promises in its brand new product auto-reply for Gmail.

Tech expert Prasanth Janardhanan, the creator of the app, claims that it was his own need to reply to emails as quickly as possible that led to the creation of the auto-reply app.

“Being able to reply to support emails from important clients immediately was important for me, particularly since I am in a different time zone than that of my clients,” says Mr. Janardhanan. “I certainly didn’t want to sacrifice family time either.”

The auto-reply app, which was opened to the public recently, allows its users to create rules based on which to trigger the auto reply.

“I developed the GSmart Auto Reply App to help address the issue that users cannot always respond to important emails during certain periods throughout the day,” adds Mr. Janardhanan.  “With my app, however, users can set up automatic replies to any emails that come to their inbox, no matter the time of day.”

To utilize the app, the auto-reply rule has a specific set of conditions in which the rule should trigger.  For example, the auto-reply should trigger when an email comes from a certain email address, or if the body of the email contains specific key words.  Additionally, the auto-reply can be triggered when an email is received at a certain time of the day.

“The GSmart Auto-Reply App has a host of unique features that will benefit any business or individual. No matter your need for an auto-reply, this app is the ultimate solution to your problem.”

According to the website, the GSmart Auto-Reply App for Gmail can be utilized in a variety of different ways.  Some examples include:

  • When an email is received from between the hours of 7pm and 8am
  • When an email labeled ‘work’ is received during precious vacation time or on weekends
  • To answer frequently asked questions using filtered keywords
  • To provide important leads with additional contact information
  • And so much more!

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Currently, the GSmart Auto-Reply App is free for up to 2 auto-responder rules.  The upgraded “Pro” app supports up to 20 auto-reply rules.

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