Making Concrete Surfaces Work for Commercial Businesses

Making Concrete Surfaces Work for Commercial Businesses

Many successful commercial businesses feature walkways leading up to their businesses that see a significant amount of traffic each day. Customers and employees use the walkway constantly leading to the gradual erosion of surfaces that are not built to last. Unlike homes, the surface will be subjected to hundreds of footfalls per day as well as other wear from vehicles, dollies, or warehouse equipment. With this in mind, businesses should search for strong surfaces that can withstand a lot of stress.

Some businesses already have a durable concrete surface for their commercial property but have found that over the years the surface has become dull and unsightly. Instead of replacing the concrete with something pretty but less durable, there are many options for businesses to reintroduce charm and beauty into an old surface for a fraction of the price. Cutting Edge Flooring Services can partner with businesses to make current concrete surfaces work for their businesses.

There are several methods that can be used to restore an old concrete surface. One of the best and most attractive ways is through acid staining. Professionals can choose from a variety of stain colors which, when applied to the concrete, cause a chemical reaction with the different elements of the concrete. This produces a pleasant and natural looking effect. Because concrete is made of a mixture of different elements, this staining creates a look that lacks uniformity, giving it the appearance of natural rock or stone. The process is also fast, allowing businesses to have a facelift without disrupting too much profitable time.

Another option for concrete staining Houston is using an acrylic stain. The benefit of using this stain is that there are more color options for businesses looking to add brightness to their properties. They are also a good choice for businesses searching for environmentally friendly products, and they can be used both inside and outside the building.

Commercial businesses can often demand more efficiency and durability from concrete surfaces. Thankfully, there are also coatings that can be placed over stains to add to the strength of the surface. These top coats can help increase safety by being non-slip and can be designed for easy cleanup. Find us in Houston to research options for your business.

Concrete can be a very good choice for many businesses both inside and outside the building. When it comes to refreshing the look of the commercial property, it is not always necessary to spend the time and effort to put in a new surface. Often it can be restored by using acid or acrylic stains, and its performance can be boosted by applying coatings. Businesses should consider these options to make their concrete flooring work for their needs.

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