Online reviews – to trust or not? Experience with

Online reviews - to trust or not? Experience with
February 25, 2019 become the historically remarkable day because of this year’s Academy Awards handed out in Los Angeles for the Oscars ceremony.

Did you know that some of the experts and critics said: “‘Green Book’ Winning Best Picture Is a Step Back for the Oscars”? So if you been supporting this movie ad loved it with all your heart, you might be very surprised now, yeah?

The movie which been nominated onto 8 different awards got plenty of negative reviews and comments. According to world’s critic source only around 55% of reviews on this Oscar’s movie are totally positive. The rest of – are mixed or eve negative. Same story happens around another Oscar’s nominee and winner – Bohemian Rhapsody which got three trophies that night!

Well, the thing is the fate of the unassigned reviews touched even the works of Keats and masterpieces of Monet, the Oscar-winning “Titanic” and the McDonalds restaurant chain. There are always great reviews and negative just on the same products, movies, cafes, sites, ads etc. Why? This happened because people around the world are very different. The unity in diversity is a fact and something what makes our life brighter and more colorful. Seeing opinions or reviews which are different from what we are used to think, to feel and to chose – makes our “world map” wider. It’s definitely broadens our horizons! But at same time, other people’s reviews and comments are not something we shall blindly follow.

Major percentage of premier dating site costumers leave wonderful reviews on products which are provided by app. This fact inspires all team of dating app work harder and achieves bigger goals. At the same moment there will be always people who are not happy and not fully satisfied with service, prices, technical tools of app or any other thing. Sometimes happens that many moments coincide: for example, a bad mood or costumer, an unfriendly response in a chat, bad weather and low speed Internet. This all brings the atmosphere of negativism and leads to a “one more bad review” which later is definitely going to be read by someone online and taken at face value. Many times we follow stories left by our clients online where they share of their unsuccessful experience with online dating or some certain women/men. Surely, no one wants to be hurt or to get a bitter taste of romantic online search but such things happened. Failure is OK. It’s ok to do not feel OK. It’s absolutely OK to spread this info even. But what it not that OK is to create negative opinion about whole product just because of some failures we meet on the way to the Love Destination.

We all live and buy by online reviews. Digital era is here and it can makes our lives easier and better, same time it can ruin our hopes and dreams. Some businesses and startups do not grow fast just because of few negative reviews which are left on the Internet space and, sadly, put a big impact into the info processes. About 86 percent of American adults declare they sometimes or always read online reviews for new purchases. And of course they trust the reviews. Means every word on Internet – matter! Especially, the negative! We want to feel secure – this is main reason why we do care about someone’s reviews so much!

But what about thinking different? Could really someone’s experience (bad or well) fit well into our frame of life? Shall we trust all we read, see, hear? The credibility of all reviews — even real ones — is questionable. There are many factors behind each review and the reasons why it was written this way. When we got letters from our customers with questions about giving advices on some of our product or, for example “What city are most beautiful single women live at?” – It’s quite hard to give a proper answer because there is no such answer at all!

Different people need different things. Different minds attract different situations into their lives. Different bodies need different level of physical trainings to look good and in shape.

Same happened to reviews, advices and opinions. is proud to unite people from all around the world. We love the fact that our customers, visitors and friends – are very different and unique! We value everyone and every review matter to us! Same time, we suggest dating app costumers follow only HEART ad it comes to a choosing best app for love search. Finding a soul mate online isn’t easy process. But let’s be honest, life is not an easy process too. But you barely asking someone’s opinion on how to live your life don’t you?

Do the same when it comes to other important things. Read less, search less, and trust no one but your own experience!

Get your own experience with And yes, we dream it’s going to be PERFECT!

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