70 is the new 50, will share with you the struggles that Chris Ambrose endured as he faced, head on, the gripping and gut-wrenching loss of his wife, Irene, of 37 years. The impact of a wicked disease that had not been part of their blissful marriage tore them apart, leaving Chris Ambrose alone to deal with life in his senior years without his partner.

Although he felt he could not go on with life, his son, Simon, came to his aid so not to lose both parents, from his life. Chris was beaten, lost, alone and bewildered. Time was his only measure to finding his way back, with Simon by his side.

This incredible journey back to living life starts off redefining who Chris Ambrose was and what he wanted for the rest of his life. It wasn’t too long when he discovered that his tribute to his wife, Irene would be to honor her spirit of giving to others.

His book, 70 is the new 50, takes you from his childhood, where the memories of love and happiness flow from his writing, in order to show you how to reflect and be grateful for the blessings in life. He helps you recognize that although you may be trapped in a sea of self-doubt and somber thoughts, there is always hope, if you never give up!

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Chris Ambrose’s book will serve as a guide, a helping hand extended to those captured by loss, be it emotional or financial. You will walk with him on new adventures as he, at the age of 70, walks on hot beds of coal to find his strength and confidence in life; takes up karate, learning how to use nunchucks, as well as study many other martial art techniques; swim with dolphins and sharks; studies nutrition and how to improve his mind; learns how to day trade and free himself from the burdens of grief but while he explores ways to further set his financial future on a steady path.

All of this and far more, you will find within the pages of his book, illustrated with over 65 photographs to further aid you with the insights of the varying challenges he took and now share with you, so you will hold a roadmap for whatever comes your way.

Chris, shows you how to get involved with your community, become a world traveler and enjoy life again, after a devastation. You can take his hand and have a plan that will allow you to remain secure, emotionally.

Life tosses many challenges at you, but if you stop and think about it at the beginning and find coping mechanisms for what life may lay at your door, anything is possible.

Come walk, literally in his shoes, the 600 miles, as he walks and shares his life with you, so that you won’t have to do it alone!

Chris Ambrose, has developed many interests in life that he wishes to help, from rescuing dogs from abuse and starvation to seniors who may be ill or locked away in their spaces, with nowhere to go and little hope financially. His mission from the sale of his books: to donate a share of his proceeds from the sale of every book sold to various causes, locally and around the world that need help.

Author Chris Ambrose has three words for you, NEVER GIVE UP!

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