Nutritious Meals Delivered Are the Future As Remote Working Is Already Challenging Canadians’ Eating Habits

Flexible working is without doubt one of the highest priorities on the employees’ today and tomorrow’s agenda, and employers know it too. Over half (62%) of Canadian employers offer the ‘work from home’ option. Even more so, it seems that as many as 36% of Canadian workers would not be bothered to give up a part of their salary to be able to have the option to work remotely.

While a large number of studies have shown that employees who have the option to work from home are more productive, have lower stress levels, are more engaged and happy, there are always two sides of a coin. Remote working does not come without risks. People who often work from home are more prone to isolation, impossibility to balance work and life and amplified pressure to deliver and work even more than usual. These things have a knock on effect on health as well, and nutrition and eating habits play a major role here. It’s no news that a busy day means at its very best having lunch in front of the laptop, if not skipped altogether. Employees make choices depending on what’s quick, easy to consume and without the extra burden of having to cook it or go out and get it.

Can nutrition keep up with this fast pace?

Convenience and cost of food delivery are dangerous traps into unhealthy eating. In this context, a new concept comes in to offer Canadians a tastier and more nutritious option. Healthee Kitchen is promising to nourish bodies from the inside out by making healthy eating easy with smart and affordable meal plans. One of the key representatives explains their mission to helping as many people as possible to strike a nutritional balance while also saving time, ‘Working from home several days a week has made many Canadians accustomed to working through lunch and even dinner, or compromising the quality and nutritional value for the sake of just having something in your stomach. We work in close collaboration with nutrition specialists and top chefs to develop meals for every weekday, all meeting the recommended caloric intake by medical specialists. Our daily routines have changed drastically in past years and we need to adapt, particularly our diets, if we want to keep our bodies in top shape.’

Smartly planned meals hold unique benefits

The lunch and dinner plans offered by Healthee Kitchen get delivered straight to your door anywhere in Toronto. Besides the obvious benefits, the plans can help busy employees:

  • Avoid unhealthy takeout lunches and snacks
  • Avoid overspending on food delivery
  • Maintain a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and protein containing aliments
  • Eliminate the stress of having to worry about your next meal and wasting precious time doing so

Packages begin at only $25.95 and they can be customized to meet the demands and taste of anyone working from home.

About Healthee Kitchen

In a modern world where people are prone to developing chronic illnesses due to incorrect alimentation, Healthee Kitchen is trying to shift the food delivery paradigm. With every meal plan benefitting from the expert opinion of gastronomic and nutritional specialists, the concept is promising to enable truly healthier lives.



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