The Dangers of Winter Tires During Summer Versus All-Season Tires Is Imminent

The debate over winter tires all year long versus all-season tires has been a long-standing hot potato among Canadian vehicle owners. While both sides can bring arguments to the table, such as convenience and cost, when it comes to safety, several studies, including recent ones have quite a clear answer.

The differentiating factor and probably the most significant one relates to safety. At least 9% of all vehicle crashes happen because of a tire-related issue, whether they are worn out or used improperly. A recent study has conducted a comparison between winter tires over summer versus all-season tires to evaluate effectiveness. As expected by the ones in favour of the latter, the breaking distance of winter tires particularly when roads are wet and slippery was 26% less efficient. Study authors emphasized further that tests were conducted with brand new tires during temperatures of at least 20°C, raising even more concerns over the risks during a heatwave. Their findings also showed that emergency manoeuvres were more dangerous and difficult to conduct with a winter tires equipped vehicle.

All-season tires like a pair of sneakers

Autobahn Tires, a Vaughan based tire manufacturing company working with global experts from across the U.S., Asia and Europe agrees with the findings, and further explains why all-season tires make a better choice. ‘When comparing tires we need to be focusing on mainly 2 things: performance and safety. All-season tires, as their name suggests, hold unique advantages from both winter and summer tires combined. However, given Canada has a variety of weather conditions depending on location, they may also not be suitable for every single scenario and that’s when the driver’s judgement should come into play. The best way to think about it is by comparing all-season tires to a pair of sneakers. Yes, you can wear them all-year long, even during a soft winter and certainly during summer. But when the snow gets extreme and temperatures drop significantly, you might need to bring out your boots. All season tires are perfect for areas with moderate climate, such as Toronto.’ said a company representative.

The features of all-season tires

When talking about specifics, all-season tires are a versatile option for drivers who put value on safety but want to avoid the hassle and cost of switching between various sets of tires. Key features include:

  • Improved braking performance
  • Better resistance to hydroplaning
  • Enhanced handling and cornering

About Autobahn Tires

Tire technology and manufacturing requires a specific blend of know-how, chemistry, physics and engineering in order to produce safe and high-quality products. This is what lies at the core of what Autobahn Tires specialists do and live by day in day out. The strength of their team comes from a wide range of skillsets and passions coming together to develop tires that boast safety, performance and cost-effectiveness for every tire type and vehicle.



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