Motliner Releases Its New Exquisitely Customized Car Mats at Great Prices

Motliner Releases Its New Exquisitely Customized Car Mats at Great Prices

April 23, 2019 – Motliner, a car mat manufacturing company, has announced the launch of its custom-made car mats to help car owners improve the look of their cars. Car mats do not only make the car beautiful but they also give it a cozy appearance. The type of car mat used in a car says so much about the vehicle standard and owner’s excellent taste. There are so many substandard car mats on the market today, making it difficult to select a perfect mat.

However, Motliner offers different varieties of specially customized car mats for every car, giving buyers compelling choices in car mats for their vehicles. Motliner’s car mats feature a unique design that helps in keeping cars neat and bacteria-free. This is something that is lacking in the regular car mats – they can’t contain dirt, dust, and germs. Therefore, they mostly contribute to degrading the quality of the air in most cars.

Unlike the regular car mats, Motliner is specially designed to protect cars against dust, dirt, germs, and other pollutants, thereby contributing to the quality of air in the car. The mat has 2 layers: the lower layer traps all the pollutants to provide a clean environment. While dirt and dust are trapped in the lower layer, the upper layer is left clean. Furthermore, the upper layer has honeycomb structure holes that will enable the dust to go into the lower layer. Both of the layers are secured using Velcro that makes it difficult for the pollutants to escape.

Motliner car mats are equipped with Ethylene-vinyl acetate material, which makes them water-resistant and very easy to clean. They have a cushion-like feel that provides great comfort for all the vehicle occupants. The cushion-feel is perfect for drivers as it offers them ease while driving. Motliner car mats are very to install.

Motliner offers its customers a special free gift (worth $25 on Amazon) if they purchase more than 2 sets of Motliner car mats and free shipping on orders over $100.

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About Motliner

MOTLINER is a company that produces custom mats for various vehicles. They have a team of experienced individuals who have been in the carpet car mat business for many years. They have used the knowledge and technical skills of their professionals to provide a mat that will make it easy to keep every car clean and comfortable.

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