Couple that drove across the country inspires people to take an amazing roadtrip right now

Monika Trojanowska & Joel Bijlmer, two marketing creatives from Amsterdam, made a road trip across the USA and filmed it like a cinematic first-person style movie. This short film available on YouTube takes the viewer on their adventurous road trip, that covers all the amazing places they have visited, in just under 17 minutes. It gives a first-person view of the Horseshoe bend in Sedona and the biking lane on Venice beach and all the beautiful places they came across their journey of over 2500 miles.

The creative couple living in Amsterdam and Miami work as a freelancer so they are able to travel the world and any place where there is the internet. They share their pictures and experiences on their social media pages. For their latest trip, the couple visited the following places:

00:00 – Miami / Miami Beach 01:00 – Kissimmee / Orlando 01:51 – Panama City Beach 03:22 – New Orleans 04:57 – Houston 05:25 – San Antonio 06:09 – El Paso 07:31 – Sedona 07:40 – Horseshoe Bend 10:10 – Antelope Canyon 10:42 – Zion National Park 11:06 – Las Vegas 13:03 – Venice Beach 14:37 – Malibu 15:30 – Beverly Hills 15:53 – Hollywood 16:19 – West Hollywood / Runyon Canyon

While a lot of people wish to work remotely and travel the world, this couple actually made it happen, while still managing their work via laptop, whenever they had spare time during their travels. Talking about what inspired the couple to take a long road trip from Miami to Los Angeles, Joel says, “Once you realize you pay for everything with your time & not your money, that’s when your whole world will change & you will comprehend what actually holds value versus what you are told that is valuable. When asked about the couple’s next travel plans they said that they want to travel the world and explore the most amazing places in every country. They plan to keep traveling forever and with their adventures and super exciting videos covering their travel, they inspire many others to leave everything behind and go on a trip of a lifetime.

Watch their awesome video of their latest trip from Miami to Los Angeles on Youtube.

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