Upcoming Blockchain Protocols of 2019, views of Vadym Kurylovych

Upcoming Blockchain Protocols of 2019, views of Vadym Kurylovych

“Vadym Kurylovych is the CEO, Founder at Stex.com, a cryptocurrency trading exchange and a serial entrepreneur.”
Blockchain industry veteran Vadym Kurylovych, CEO & Founder of cryptocurrency exchange STEX shares insights on the upcoming blockchain protocols.

“Nothing aggravates a man more than the sight of other people making money”.

Crypto market is a frail, fragile, risky and sensitive domain and therefore to maintain a stable and prospering position it becomes imperative to have a clear understanding of the ever-changing and upcoming protocols.

The era of Blockchain 3.0 has already started. With its advent, it becomes necessary to understand in simpler terms how it shall overcome the shortcomings of the 1st and 2nd generation giants.

The major breakthroughs that have been brought by the 3rd generation are in the realm of scalability, sustainability, interoperability, privacy, and governance. The terms may be quite confusing for the neophytes but I shall break them down while explaining it in context to several imminent blockchain projects.

Talking about the subject STEX Founder & CEO, Vadym Kurylovych said one such prominent venture is Aion. It allows the sending and receiving of data and values between themselves and ethereum thereby demonstrating interoperability. The transaction processing is also faster than ever.

Cardano is a decentralized project that has a low price and prodigious quantity available. An Open source software aimed at meeting all the requirements to be a 3rd gen. blockchain.

Zilica another emerging name in the crypto world helps process thousands of transactions in a single second.

EOS builds a decentralized community of software that is mechanized by blockchain technology.

Arc Block helps the world’s different blockchains to be more compatible with each other. A need of the hour!

Not only are the gen3 blockchains competing with the previous generations and proving themselves more advanced and technologically efficient but also there exist a great race among the arrivals. Few who made great leaps and secured prominent positions are:

Qtum – it continuously adapts its proof of stake. In fact, it incorporates in it the best of the forerunners. It also provides secure contract solutions. The most exciting part of it is the x86 virtual machine launch which allows coders to code in any language.

TRON – it gives priority to its users by allowing them to host the contents. Basically, in technical terms, it is a decentralized network free of any third party. It made a significance in the crypto market by the purchase of BitTorrent and the launch of Project Atlas.

Aelf – where handling of double-figure transactions per second in the crypto industry is still rare Aelf manages 15000 transactions per second. It connects itself more to the real world by helping to process large volumes of data.

As mentioned earlier that the market is quite fragile and sensitive so people definitely find it safer to invest in those companies which have an association with tech. Giants. Few such names are Veridium, Caspian and Devery which have collaborations with IBM, coinbase, JD.com’s respectively.

Investing requires proper and aggregate knowledge so that rational decisions can be taken and therefore adequate research is suggestive.

Vadym Kurylovych is the CEO, Founder at Stex.com, a cryptocurrency trading exchange and a serial entrepreneur. He advises teenagers to invest in crypto markets which represent the next technological and financial revolution.

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