GoodNoon launches its \”Newsworthy Business\” accreditation

GoodNoon launches its \\\

GoodNoon, a PR and marketing company based in Hawthorne, California, has announced today the release of the “newsworthy” accreditation. The accreditation is mean to price media that have contributed to the spread of awareness and sensibility around topics of social relevance.

Criteria for getting accredited

The accreditation criteria include four macro-areas.

1. Impact. This is one of the most critical judgment criteria. It means to measure the impact that the story had on readers or viewers. As the company explains, the higher the source authority, the higher the impact.

2. Proximity. If the blog of cleaning products site would discuss the crisis in Venezuela, wouldn’t have the same impact as if the Venezuela news would report it. Proximity, in this case, has much to do with the coverage area of the site.

3. Timeliness. Of course, the time-frame in between when the event happened and when it gets published is another key factor in newsworthiness accreditation.

4. Human Impact. The next import element is the human impact. The company indeed tend to price that cover stories that affect a large community, rather than just a few people.

Media that receive the “newsworthy accreditation” receive media coverage and PR at no cost, as well as getting featured into world’s largest publication included in the GoodNoon PR Network. The seal that accredited companies will receive is this:

Accreditation provided by GoodNoon Media Coverage

The accreditation will start being distributed from May 2019 to businesses of all sizes, not only large media. The accreditation, however, is also given to small business that through their blogs have informed the public opinion regarding topics of social impact. In accrediting companies, additional points are given to businesses that have produced a video along with their stories. Indeed, as GoodNoon reports in their blog: “Millions of videos are made every day on almost any subject imaginable. The videos are not new, but live video is a subcategory that works for some brands. With live video, there is still the possibility that what happens next is not written. A live video makes a lot of sense when your brand is in the world; live broadcast from your stand at a trade show, or show something of the field if that applies to your brand. Streaming offers you unique possibilities that are very attractive”.

The Process

GoodNoon states that not every business is eligible for the accreditation, and once accepted, the newsworthy accredited company must maintain the standards or face accreditation revocation. Currently, the accredited companies have been chosen directly by GoodNoon by outreaching them about the possibility of getting included in their program. However, in the coming months, GoodNoon is also accepting applicants, and a GoodNoon full-time employee looks into the applicants’ blogs and contents to verify if these applying businesses are eligible for accreditation.

There are rumors that among the possible accredited businesses in May could be listed El Nacional, Venezuela top media site. This, indeed with over 17M visitors monthly, has helped in spreading the information regarding the Venezuela crisis to international media.

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