NHU Starts the Industry-University-Research Cooperation with Jiangnan University

At present, there are five major current situations in biotechnology industry. First, the rapid development of biotechnology in recent years, especially the continuous emergence of major technologies, is likely to have a revolutionary impact on the industry. Second, foreign big pharmaceutical companies have realized the change of development strategy, from the treatment of diseases to the treatment of health care to improve the quality of life.Third, the R&D expenditure of large foreign biotechnology companies accounted for more than 10% of the total sales, and formed a cooperative competitive relationship with each other. Fourthly, small companies are becoming more and more specialized. Fifthly, the importance of consulting intermediaries, including information, technology assessment, planning and strategic analysis, is becoming more and more important. In order to realize the transformation of biotechnology to fermentation industry in this situation, the integration of production, teaching and research between universities and enterprises is an inevitable trend.

On April 15, the leaders of Jiangnan University visited NHU to exchange views and sign project cooperation agreement with the company, in order to promote common development through School-enterprise Cooperation Mode.

NHU has cooperated with many universities and technical institutes, the most representative of which is Zhejiang University. While exchanging advanced technology research and development, the company also obtains a steady stream of professionals from colleges´╝îtrained high-level scientific and technological personnel and senior management personnel. The two sides can form a good situation of complementary advantages, mutual promotion and win-win development through school-enterprise cooperation,

Jiangnan University-School of Bioengineering is the birthplace of fermentation engineering in China. It is the first national key subject of fermentation engineering in China.The Institute is in the leading position in the field of industrial biotechnology, especially industrial fermentation and industrial biological catalysis. Some of its achievements have reached the international advanced level and formed a cohesive and energetic research team.

“As one of the top research institutions in the field of biotechnology in China, Jiangnan University has many years of research and development experience and rich industrialization experience in the field of vitamins. This cooperation can give full play to the company’s technological advantages and academic advantages of Jiangnan University, and form a deep cooperation between production, teaching and research. It is of great significance to promote the rapid development of the company’s bio-fermentation business unit and make the company an influential and all-round development nutrition company in the world.” Hu, the president of NHU, said.

NHU has made a series of achievements in the field of fine chemical industry. Next, it will continue to cultivate the two business units of synthesis and bio-fermentation, which is the advantage field of Jiangnan University. NHU hopes to break through the technical bottleneck through scientific and technological innovation, cooperation between production, education and research, and make vitamin and amino acid series products bigger and stronger, so as to reach the international leading position.

In the exchange, President Chen Jian of Jiangnan University expressed his recognition of NHU and support for cooperation. He put forward his own views on the cooperation between industry, University and research institute. The mode of industry-university-research cooperation needs to be constantly explored and optimized. Schools and enterprises should have a division of tasks. Universities need to discover, from scratch, from 0 to 10. Enterprises should develop from having to doing well, from 10 to 1000, to form a “you have me, I have you” model. At the same time, the cooperation between industry, University and research institutes should break through the previous single product or technology-oriented mode of cooperation, attach importance to the integrity and comprehensiveness of cooperation, implement the quality standards, intellectual property rights, product application, strategic development and Technological Development planning, formulate the overall solution to the problem, and achieve a “hold up the heavens, and to support the earth”. It should not only lead the technology of the industry, but also ensure industrialization. 

With the extension of university functions from talent cultivation, scientific research to social services, the trend of integration of higher education, science and technology and economy is becoming stronger and stronger. Especially in the knowledge-based economy society, universities will be pushed to the center of social development and become an important driving force for social and economic development. At the same time, the industry-university-research cooperation has become the strongest driving force to promote economic and social development in today’s world with the rapid development of high and new technology.

NHU always insists on continuous innovation and drives development with innovation. And what we can see is that the rapid development of NHU is really inseparable from innovation.Effective industry-university-research cooperation can train high-tech talents, form an innovative R&D system, shorten the R&D process and develop new products suitable for market demand. It can further improve the technological innovation ability and market competitiveness of enterprises, provide technical guarantee for accelerating the development of enterprises, and promote the rapid upgrading of industries. NHU will continue to explore the direction of Industry-University-Research cooperation.

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