Kuester CRE Highlights Key Questions for Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Kuester CRE Highlights Key Questions for Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Broker
In a new statement to the press, Kuester CRE summarizes some of the key steps for performing due diligence on a potential commercial broker.

Finding the right space for a commercial venture—and negotiating the best terms for that space—can be challenging. Generally, it’s best to pursue it with the assistance of a seasoned, local commercial real estate broker. Before picking a broker, however, it’s important to do some due diligence and pick the best real estate professional for the job. In a new statement to the press, Kuester CRE sheds some light on this due diligence process—sharing key questions to ask when interviewing a potential broker.

“The first thing I’d ask them is which cities, neighborhoods, and communities they are most familiar with,” comments Shaw Kuester, President of Kuester CRE. “You want to find a commercial real estate broker who really knows the local markets inside and out.”

Another question to ask: Where do you see the market headed right now? “Get a feel for the broker’s subject matter expertise, and ability to communicate their knowledge in a clear and candid way,” Kuester advises.

It’s also important to ask about depth of experience. “Ask them how long they have been in commercial real estate,” Kuester says. “And, ask them if they specialize in particular types of commercial real estate. Again, you want to find someone whose specific experience overlaps with your needs and goals.”

Kuester says it’s reasonable to ask brokers to share some of their success stories. “Get a feel for their track record,” Kuester explains. “A seasoned broker should have no trouble listing a few of the projects they’re most proud of.”

Finally, Kuester says it’s always important to ask about cost. “Naturally, you’ll always want to ask about the bottom line,” he says. “Don’t hesitate to get quotes from a few different brokers to make sure the rate you’re quoted is reasonable.”

Ultimately, it’s important to establish clear communication with a potential broker—and to ask plenty of questions to ensure the right person or firm for the job.

Additional information about Kuester and its commercial retail brokerage services can be found online at www.kuestercommercial.com.


Kuester CRE boasts more than 45 years of experience in commercial real estate, plus a reputation of trust and integrity throughout the Carolinas. The company focuses on brokering and leasing retail, office, medical, land, and flex property, as well as managing commercial buildings, apartments, and student housing. Kuester CRE delivers customized solutions for landlords, tenants, and investors at every stage of the commercial real estate process. With the unique ability to cover the Western Carolinas, Piedmont, and Eastern Carolinas, Kuester offers the responsiveness of a local presence with the resources of a larger regional firm.

To learn more about Kuester CRE, visit www.kuestercommercial.com.

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