Edgy video and performance art, available on new VOD Italian platform

A brand new VOD (Video-on-demand) Italian platform is broadcasting the body and work of controversial Italian video and performance artist – Francesca Fini.

ROME – April 23, 2019 – Teyuto, a brand new Italian VOD platform, just launched its streaming services on the international market, including, among its ambassadors, video and performance artist Francesca Fini. Francesca Fini’s works, ranging from experimental 3D animation to extreme body-art, are very well known in the contemporary art world. She exhibited her visionary narrations and provocative live performances in galleries, museums and relevant contexts around the world. “We would mention the Venice International Performance Art Week, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Watermill Center in New York, The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, the Manege Museum in St. Petersburg, The Macro and Maxxi Museums in Rome, and many others”.

Her personal VOD channel brings together about sixty videos, neatly organized into thematic collections, exhibiting the artist’s surprising creative and productive path with high effectiveness. Among the available collections we will undoubtedly mention CORPUS, which gathers a series of stunning body-art films, including SKIN/TONES, recently performed live at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. The video shows the artist naked, sitting backward between two blinding columns of white light, while slowly scanning her body with a digital microscope. The images, even the more explicit ones, manipulated in real time by the computer graphic filters and reprojected on a giant screen in front of us, lose all connection with reality and look like pictures of unknown planets explored by a space probe. While the RGB information on the skin color, detected in real time by the microscope, is turned into beautiful generative music. The artist turns her flesh into a data stream, the skin into an electronic concert, and her female body into an abstract, metaphysical entity.

The channel also includes MECCANIMUS, an impressive collection of performance-based short films staging the artist’s ambiguous relationship with technology. The artist had this to say “In these videos, I stage my relationship of seduction and conflict with the machine (mekané), understood as a tool that plays a dual role of collaboration and conflict with the human epic.” An epic struggle is for sure the one staged in FAIR & LOST, one of her iconic performances recently presented at the SomoS Art House in Berlin, where she tries to put make-up on her face while giving herself electric shocks. “The electric shocks, on both my arms, make it impossible to control the movement of the hands, and so the make-up spreads all over, turning my face into a grotesque mask. A performance in which I explore the pitfalls of social conditioning, on women in particular.”

To understand Francesca Fini’s imagery, so different and unique, her cinematographic education, her vast experience in the field of digital arts, and her cultural references should be considered which are: Italian Futurism, Neorealismo, Fellini and Pasolini, but also the visionary masterpieces of Cyberpunk culture, to which she claims to belong, in a 2.0 contemporary renewed version.

“Francesca Fini is an image-woman: she is a performance artist and filmmaker, interaction designer and (hyper) graphics visionary, dealing with every kind of hybridization and contamination. Francesca Fini’s moving images are provocative devices calling up passions and emotions. They show a body amplified by technology, whose animal and biological nature is left untouched. Her performance art videos are not mere recordings, but short movies full of captivating genius.” (Alessio Galbiati for Digicult.it magazine)

“What defines the majority of her work, is the positioning of her physical self as the center object within most of her video and cinema work. Her website is a virtual feast of various film works, which blur the lines between documentary, performance, and pure optical madness.” (J. Scott Stratton for Blacklisted.dk magazine)

All this “virtual feast” is available on the artist’s VOD channel, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian streaming platform Teyuto.

The channel allows two ways of fruition, either by renting the collections individually or by signing a monthly subscription, which provides access to all areas and contents.

For more information about Francesca Fini and her works visit her official website or follow her on social media platforms like Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

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