Energy Retailer on Blockchain – Serenity Source has launched on Indiegogo

Serenity is a next-gen renewable energy retailer on blockchain which is looking to reduce energy bills, put control back on users’ hands and reduce carbon emission through its multifaceted blockchain ecosystem.

An Australian visionary renewable energy company, Serenity, has launched its campaign on Indiegogo to support its futuristic multifaceted blockchain ecosystem that will revolutionize energy generation, put control on users’ hands and reduce carbon emission through sustainable energy. A welcome solution for conscious, eco-friendly homeowners suffocated by exorbitant energy bills and wary of excessive carbon emissions from traditional energy production.

Serenity describes itself as a “renewable energy retailer on blockchain.” The company focuses on the promotion of sustainable living, production of renewable energy as well as smart energy grid utility services. Serenity ecosystem banks on the state of the art IoT technology, blockchain & smart contract architecture to help it to record renewable energy production and consumption. This multifaceted ecosystem will be backed by high performing businesses to facilitate promotion of sustainable living & easy transition to renewable energy production & DER (Distributed Energy Resources) technology. Blockchain technology and smart contract utilization will minimize the cost of energy retail administration, extend digital proof of ownership and assure lower energy rates as well as rewards for CO2 reduction.

“The contemporary world is dominated by a negligent economy which is constantly stripping the planet of its natural resources and abetting large scale carbon emission with traditional methods of energy production. It’s time we come up with a safer alternative as otherwise doomsday is just ahead of us. And this is where our blockchain based multifaceted ecosystem comes to the rescue. It has combined the concept of renewable energy with blockchain to revolutionize energy generation and monetize efforts for reduced carbon emission through the development of Net-Zero estates”, stated Elma Neimar – a leading spokesperson from Serenity.

The Net-Zero dwellings are sustainable luxury estates that are aimed to disrupt the conventional approach to energy performance and construction speed for the better. These dwellings utilize Rapid Building System® technology which assures just a fraction of the usual investment amount required to build houses in a traditional way.

“The power sector is experiencing a transition from its traditional centralized outlook with a handful of large-scale energy providers to a decentralized environment of DER like wind or solar. As a solution, Serenity is introducing blockchain to the energy scene since it holds the great potential to redefine users’ engagement with utilities in a positive way. Put simply, as blockchain-based renewable energy retailer; we will bring back transparency and control to users and offer appropriate solutions to those who have long been neglected by the conventional systems. But such a futuristic initiative demands sound financial ground. Hence, this IndieGoGo campaign. Your generous support will help us to bring our project to reality and make the world a better and safer place to live in.”

Speaking further, Mrs. Neimar mentioned the unique features of Serenity’s multifaceted blockchain-based ecosystem:

  • Decentralized microgrids for renewable energy
  • Smart energy retailer
  • Strong encryption and powerful security
  • Gateway to the wholesale electricity market
  • Monetization for users for green activities
  • Real-time tracking
  • Net-zero dwellings
  • Automated Demand response
  • and more

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