Birth of bees – Interview with David, Head of betoken

Robert Passimon

On April 21, I had the honor to invite David, head of the betoken, and had an in-depth communication interview with him on the betoken project. As the content of the dialogue is too shocking, I am afraid that I cannot fully express betoken’s ambition in my own language. Therefore, I will describe the following content in the form of the first person and try my best to restore David’s idea.

Honeycomb Thinking: The First Principle in blockchain Era

Hello, I’m David, and the project our team is working on is called betoken. I am a pure technical personnel, the propaganda department wrote me a perfect the art of speaking to deal with this interview, but I don’t think that is what a technical personnel should do. Therefore, on the premise of not violating the principle of confidentiality, I would like to talk to you about some small secrets of betoken. You know, a few days ago, these secrets had to be kept completely secret. Because we have already reached in-depth cooperation with the digital currency Institute for Security Payments and the Jewish Peer-to-Peer Fund, some basic information can be publicized. I am very excited to share these contents with you.

Some friends often tease me, can the bees you study gather honey? Are you a company that produces honey? What I want to tell you here is that the token name bees of betoken is a very meaningful name. It represents a colony of bees. Our project logo is also like a hive. Bees have far more secrets than people know.

In the field of architecture, honeycomb structure is recognized as the most scientific structure. It achieves the maximum space under the premise of the least material consumption, and its seismic grade is obviously higher than other structures. Vessel, a new landmark in new york’s Hudson Square, is a honeycomb-like structure. Its delicate appearance has attracted countless tourists to stop and explore its mysteries.Bees are born with the instinct to build this perfect structure.

In sociology, there is a famous Six Degrees of Separation. The theory points out that there will be no more than six people between you and any stranger, that is to say, you can know any stranger through at most five middlemen.However, this theory was based on a large number of behavioral models of bees and honeycomb structure models, and finally Six Degrees of Separation was proposed.

In the enterprise management model, there is a honeycomb enterprise management model.Flattening management, which is the standard for modern Internet enterprises, is based on the honeycomb enterprise management model.It emphasizes de-centralization, abandons the barriers between departments, has a high degree of autonomy within departments, and has a high degree of connection between departments.

Within the scope of economics, there is the well-known honeycomb thinking economics, which has the following characteristics: (1) there is no mandatory central control, (2) secondary units have autonomous characteristics, (3) secondary units and units are highly connected with each other, and (4) point-to-point influences form non-linear causal relationships through the network.My God, take a closer look at these four characteristics. How similar are they to those of Blockchain technology.

Out of Control: Anticipating blockchain’s Future

Here I recommend a book, “Out of Control: New Biology of Machines, Society and Economy”, by Kevin Kelly, the great prophet of the Internet.This book is a must-read book within our team.Kevin Kelly predicted public wisdom, cloud computing, Internet of Things, virtual reality, agile development, win-win, symbiosis, common progress, network community, network economy and so on in 1994, when the Internet was just starting.Now we have discovered surprisingly that in 1994 Kevin Kelly also predicted the birth and development of digital currency.There is a chapter in the book that specifically explains digital currency, encryption technology, and puts forward the concept of “charged things can be used to recharge electronic money” and the concept of peer-to-peer finance.All these predictions have been fulfilled in the ten years of Blockchain technology’s development. Even today, nearly 25 years later, Kevin Kelly’s theory still has high guiding value.

In 1994, he said: “The computers in Earth 2050: The Future of Energy will all be connected to each other one day. Users will contribute their personal wisdom to the network like bees, and eventually a Virtual countries will be born.”Inspired by Kevin Kelly, our team is determined to apply honeycomb thinking to all aspects of the project.

One of the most successful attempts is in the development of betoken technology. Instead of adopting the common chain node broadcasting mode, we have developed a new set of cellular node broadcasting mode based on Honeycomb model.This mode can realize cyclic confirmation, even if some block nodes are congested, it will not affect the transmission of broadcast information.This is the thing I am most proud of. I am proud to participate in the betoken project.

Similarly, we have also adopted honeycomb management theory for community management in different regions, which has been proved to be an effective and intensive enterprise management method.Our investment model will also adopt the honeycomb economic model, which is the most stable investment model.In the future, we will also build our own headquarters of Honeycomb Building, and we will become bees that really work in Honeycomb inside.

David said so.

Due to the limitation of space and the lack of language, I cannot express David’s passion in words. It can be seen that this is an energetic team.I hope I can interview David again in their hive headquarters building next time.

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