Qiandao Lake Through Foreigners’ Eyes: Breathtaking Scenery, Great Eco-Environment, and Long History.

Qiandao Lake in spring is completely different from that in normal days, which is blessed with breezy and pleasant weather, fresher than fresh air, lush green trees decorated with all sorts of colorful spring flowers. It’s in the spring that the Hangzhou- Huangshan High-speed bullet train sponsored by Qiandao Lake carried 18 “Foreigners Touring Qiandao Lake Activity” participants to the shore of Qiandao Lake.

The lush mountains, emerald green waters and friendly Qiandao Lake people witnessed these 18 strangers first met and became friends. Although coming from different corners of the world and having different cultural backgrounds, these foreign tour participants have all developed the same love towards Qiandao Lake.

1. Chun’an County Museum

The first stop of the tour is Chun’an County Museum, which, in contrast to traditional museums, focuses on historical and cultural display of regional characteristics. With the assistance of various high-end technologies, the museum enables foreign Qiandao Lake tour participants to break the limitation of time and space and to immerse themselves in and truly understand the past and present of Chun’an County.

The hall of the museum is magnificent and deeply attracted these foreigners’ attention. In their own words, “We have never seen things like this before, spectacular!” The ceiling of the hall is an art installation, consisting of more than 300,000 shells, which represents Chun’an County’s water. Several wooden boats hanging from the ceiling create a sense of space you feel when you are at the water bottom; the uneven decorations around the wall represent the then mountains and current islands.

2. Qi Ke Courier Station

At lunchtime, foreign tour participants have witnessed the ceremony of uncovering “Qiandao Lake’s Number One Hot Pot” in Qi Ke Courier Station for the first time, and they were amazed at Qiandao Lake people’s creativity and abundant and tasty local ingredients.

3. Chun Xiang Ju B&B

In Chun Xiang Ju, Aoshan Fishing Village, foreign tour participants have picked mugwort from the wild and made Qingming Kuih, a festival food eaten around the Qingming Festival, under the instruction of the owner of the B&B; They have also tasted the special barbecue of Qiandao Lake and danced to the music at the bonfire party;

Here in Chun Xiang Ju, they enjoyed the purest local life of Qiandao Lake among mountains and right beside the Qiandao Lake; Chun Xiang Ju takes fish culture as the theme, not only retains the original architectural style, but also incorporates modern elements. All the buildings of Chun Xiang Ju are scattered around the fishing village, right in the middle of local residential houses. These foreign participants were able to experience and be part of local residents’ life.

4. Meifeng Peak

Meifeng Peak is one of the must-visits in Qiandao Lake. Though it was drizzling that day and the postcard scenery of Qiandao Lake was nowhere to see, these foreign tour participants have seen the different side of Qiandao Lake, which is even more enchanting than on sunny days when it is covered by the fog.

5. The Lotus

The lotus in Qiandao Lake has gained quite a reputation online over the years. It boasts of special design elements and creative dishes featuring Qiandao Lake local ingredients. All the 18 foreign tour participants spoke of the dishes in glowing terms.

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