Professional Telephone Answering Services from the Most Experienced Providers

Medical practitioners are delighted at the opportunity to use one of the best telephone answering services based in New York.


Cullens Communications is fast emerging as the first choice of doctors and healthcare professionals when it comes to choosing a medical answering service. With over 20 years of experience in providing top quality answering service to the medical community all across the United States, they are undoubtedly the best of all telephone answering services available.

A developing and growing medical practice often finds it challenging to handle all calls to their organization with the same amount of dedication and commitment as they would like to because the staff handling the calls have to attend to various other tasks too. That’s why doctors prefer using the services of a specialized and professional physician answering service.

Cullens Communications was established by Bruce, Ginger, and Gary Cullen as a tight knit family owned organization way back in 1989. The family had strong ties with the medical profession and saw the opportunity to serve the medical community through their answering services business.

“We are successful for one reason, our hardworking employees”, says Haley Cluett, General Manager, Cullens Communications when asked what separates them from other answering services around. “The management at our call center encourages feedback from the bottom up and we are constantly challenging ourselves to find ways to improve the answering service experience for both our employees and our clients”.

Despite the fact that they have been in the answering service business for over 20 years, they still have many of their first clients on their list and have added hundreds more during the past few years.

Cullens Communications is one of the answering services who have made the best use of the modern technology available in the field. They make sure their employees undergo regular training and are current with the latest available techniques and processes to give their clients the best experience possible. They have an incentive based performance program which rewards call agents for exceptional service every month.

They are also a service with the best backup facilities in business. To ensure uninterrupted service, they have powerful battery backup and gas powered generators which maintain the service even during outages. In addition, they have processes by which calls can be transferred to a sister office seamlessly in the event of a natural disaster striking the area.

Business communication systems have been adopting modular processes for call routing, and Cullens Communications have leveraged the advantage by moving faster than others. They are focused on creating the right experience for each client by offering customized answering solutions based on the needs of individual medical offices. Their services are in huge demand among pediatrics, gynecologists, obstetricians, dentists, neurologists, and hospitalists.

Cullens Communications is the favorite answering service of the medical profession because it helps them increase worker productivity and reduce overhead costs. The result is that overall patient care improves significantly.

The fact that they offer flexible packages means that you can hire their answering service for lunch hours, after hours, or 24X7 depending on the needs of your business. You can even use their services as an additional overflow line during the day when your office lines are busy or your staff is preoccupied with other important tasks. The calls can be automatically transferred to their staff for accurate and prompt handling.

One of the biggest advantages of using their telephone answering services is that doctors can maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

Cullens Communications offers a 30 day risk free trial offer which gives their clients the opportunity to try these features at no risk or cost to their practice.

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