Waric Technologies does it again and introduces an app based on Christian teachings, quotes and prayers, bridging the gap between technology and religion

Religion and technology are indeed two very different worlds. But what happens when you bring them together in a collaborative effort that benefits each concept mutually? What you get is an application like Sancti that provides users with curated religious content on a daily basis.

Sancti offers users a wide array of Christian teachings all year around presented through an organized, categorized and easy to comprehend interface- all for no virtual cost. The free app supplies users with quotations from Christian writings, religious philosophers or other inspiring personalities and resources to provide a daily source of inspiration to bring the best out of them under all circumstances. To establish a healthy and regular connection with their spiritual selves the app also offers users with daily prayers and reminders to pray along with select extracts from the bible. The verses from the Bible help people to keep themselves immersed in religious texts efficiently and easily.

Other in-built features include the options to share favorite quotes and prayers with known contacts. The app also allows users to save quotes, prayers, and verses that they find relevant to themselves and integral to the understanding of their religion. Another feature includes the ability to create customized template cards users can create their own quote or prayer graphics and share with those they love. These abundant features make Sancti a rare app that provides essential Christian perspectives along with many technical perks.

Sancti, by Waric Technologies, is an app that aims to help people incorporate religious and spiritual motivation into their day-to-day lives despite busy schedules. The app provides an opportunity to get involved religiously at a personal level allowing people to adopt a metaphysical and spiritual approach to life- a skill that is relevant to modernistic lifestyles for a happy and sound state of mind.

The feature for Sancti is bright with 2019 set to see it become a Christian social media application where Christians can share and devout with other Christians all over the world.

Sancti is available to be downloaded for free on Google Playstore.

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