Online Meat Delivery Boom Is Changing Everything about the Meat Business in Toronto

Canada is seeing a notable shift in meat-purchasing behaviour owing to the emergence of online order and delivery business in Toronto. Although the start-ups operate primarily in leading cities in Canada, their steady growth reflects a practical effect on the consumers.

Statistics reveal that Canada meat industry continues to grow year after year—good news to the livestock farmers and meat sellers. Specifically, the 2018 statistics estimated beef consumption in Canada to be about 26.3kg of carcass weight per head. The value is anticipated to increase in 2019. Remember that the annual meat production in Canada is about 1.3 million tones. 

More than a quarter of Canadians purchase their groceries online and a considerable number of them are now shifting towards ordering meat over the internet. The primary reason for the increasing demand for online meat delivery is convenience. People don’t have to travel all the way to the local meat market or walk to local butcheries to buy meat. All they need to do is to open their laptops or Smartphone’s and place an order for meat of their choice straight from the ranch.

“Besides convenience, customers have a lot of options to choose from. No matter the type of meat a customer is looking for—grilled or fresh—they are sure to find it.” states the spokesperson of Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory, an online meat retailer committed to providing maximum satisfaction to its customers through the delivery of fresh and high-quality meat.

Another benefit of purchasing meat online is the opportunity to cut out middlemen and as a result get better prices. By the time beef arrives at a local grocery store, it has passed through several middlemen and intermediaries. By purchasing meat online, therefore, customers get access to the highest quality products at reduced price points.

Despite the fact the online meat delivery business is booming in Toronto, retailers should go the extra mile to meet their customers’ expectations. When customers are receiving excellent customer service, they will return to the same store to fulfill their future needs. Although customers may sometimes spend small amounts per order, their loyalty is worth thousands of dollars in profits to the store—which goes a long way to secure future success of the store. 

“Online meat sellers should endeavour to fulfill every promise that they make to their customers, especially with respect to the quality of meat that they deliver, customer support, and their delivery style”, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory customer support manager advises. He adds: “Retailers may be offering the same products at the same price points but it is the things that they do differently that are going to make one retailer to stand out from the crowd.”

In addition, online meat retailers should diversify their services by delivering other meat products besides fresh beef. In fact, this is one of the main factors that have contributed to the success of Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory. The retailer sells a wide range of meat products including wieners, sausages, fresh meat, gluten, and nitrite free products and burgers. 

In addition, Soloway’s take quality, safety, and transparency seriously. They always strive to display the ingredients and the nutritional facts of their meat products on their website. This way, their customers know what to expect from the products that they offer.

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