Marjorie Saulson, Marketing Consultant, Public Speaking and Networking Coach, Featured on Influencers Radio

Marjorie Saulson, marketing consultant, public speaking and networking coach, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. She discussed how she helps business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses through using their own authentic marketing voice.

Marjorie Saulson is a marketing consultant and professional voice actor who has had years of experience in marketing, public speaking, networking and voice acting. As such, she helps business owners find and use their own voice to market their businesses more effectively and profitably.

According to Saulson, “Many people are struggling with how to talk about their business. The first part is getting clear on what their message needs to be; and that’s one thing I help people with, before we even deal with how they’re going to say it.

“It’s a myth that people are natural-born public presenters and natural-born networkers. These are all skills that can be learned. And so my goal is to help people get really comfortable as effective messengers of their own message.”

Saulson helps people get over their fears of public speaking by coaching them to clear their mind of horror stories and scenarios, and instead envision making successful presentations. This includes planning on how to recover from the inevitable gaffes that everyone makes.

It is also important to be authentic as a person when communicating with others, Saulson shares. “The way you reach people is not by pretending to be a Winston Churchill or some other great orator. The way you reach people is through your humanity and who you are as a person. It’s important to understand that who you are is good enough and the reality of you is the person who is going to be the most effective. The truth is that being a fake doesn’t get you far for very long.”

Saulson also feels that while networking can be highly effective in helping to build a business, most people do it with the wrong mindset. People need to approach networking as a way to build relationships that may eventually lead to more business, rather than making an immediate sale. She also helps her clients prepare the answer to the inevitable question, “So what do you do?” The more effective answer will start with “I help” rather than “I am.”

Saulson could easily market her services as the voice for business owners, but also uses her talents to help others do it for themselves. As she states, business owners can be the best people to share what they’re passionate about, and she helps them do exactly that.

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