Release of the 2nd Volume of “Je Reviendrai Pour Toi” by Jean-Pierre BURNER

After the success of Volume 1 last year, Jean-Pierre Burner finally released the long-awaited sequel to “Je reviendrai pour toi” discover the outcome of this trilogy that takes us to the rhythm of intrigue and suspense.

More than just a Thriller

In the first volume of this trilogy, we met Vanessa, young woman marked by a difficult family history. Orphan, raised by her grandparents, Vanessa had gone on a search for her father, a soldier, whom she has never met before. From discovery to discovery, she ended up to learn that the person who gave her life was accused of murdering his own parents. Without even knowing him, she was always convinced that this man was innocent. Between Paris and the Martinique island, she had then embarked on a quest with one goal: to save her father.

A breathtaking story

In this second novel, Jean-Pierre Burner continues this style that made his success. A blending of thriller and love story, “Je reviendrai pour toi, Volume 2”, embarks us once again in an insane race in France. Always to try to clear his father name for the murder of his parents, Vanessa finds herself plunged into the heart of a criminal case that completely get over her.

And it’s when she thinks she finally has a track that everything gets complicated… The reader then finds himself plunge into a world where dirty money, family secrets and lies coexist. A suspense that reigns and accentuates through the pages for thriller genre lovers.

Jean-Pierre Burner, the Writer

The author of the trilogy “Je reviendrai pour toi” is not at his first try. Before telling the story of Vanessa, he has already written many detective novels and science fiction. Yet it is on the late career that the young man became a writer. At 20, he leaves Martinique, his homeland, to carry out his military duty. Once his national duty is realized, he did several odd jobs, one of which will mark his life. He will be a supervisor in a penitentiary for more than 30 years. That’s when he decides to take his pen and start writing. To his credit, a dozen novels, thrillers and sci-fi, and to concretize the whole, the creation of its own publishing house: Les Editions Burner. Among his notorious novels, we can talk about “Eloise”(2012), “Belline” (2007), or “What a price for a life” (2007). “Je reviendrai pour toi” his first triology.


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The Burner Editions

Jean-Pierre Burner started from an observation: It is more and more difficult for an author to be made know and especially, to get to have a publisher. Indeed, there is a real gap between “the values sure, successful writers, and others, who are trying to break through. Of course, lately, the car edition has developed considerably, but authors with this type of means, are often delivered to themselves.

Give young authors a chance

So, to help new talents who are starting out and trying to break into the profession of writer, Jean-Pierre Burner created the Burner Editions. Today, he publishes his novels, but not only. All aspiring authors can submit their work. With a preference for thriller, the police or science fiction, it does not close any door. All manuscripts, writings or essays news are studied. If a book is chosen, the Burner Editions then take care of everything: communication, promotion, and of course, marketing.

To contact Burner Editions:
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Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:00

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The detective novels boom

While crime novels have always attracted readers, the style has never been better today. But why do we like this style of romance? To begin, we can say that thrillers take us to another world, an unknown land that allows us to escape from everyday life for a few pages. Moreover, this literary genre brings us into meanders of the forbidden. And it is known, we are always attracted and fascinated by what is forbidden to us.

Finally, we can say that the French like to be afraid and scared. Novels tackle the limit between good and evil, have the ability to carry us away and keep us going all the way through voluntary suspense. This feeling makes crime novels totally addictive for anyone who decide to open them. That’s why crime novels are increasingly adapted to the television or cinema.

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