Lock ‘n Load Publishing is all set to intrigue gamers with their new outer-space themed battle game: Space Infantry Resurgence

In the world of gaming, games based on outer-space and the concept of saving all of humanity from alien powers are considered to have immense potential in entertainment and player satisfaction. Space Infantry Resurgence is a game that allows players to adopt a heroic stance against a league of aliens that threaten human existence. The game has been launched on Kickstarter with a goal set at $18000, and got completely funded in 8 hours.

The game offers multiple methods to play. As members of a veteran team of soldiers, players can choose between playing solitaire, co-op and with two players. Additionally, gamers are provided with various scenarios under which they must perform with great courage, bravery, and agility to protect human race against aliens of many sorts. The game is perfect for people in search of some grit-testing adventure from the comfort of their homes.

Space Infantry Resurgence has been designed using stellar graphics, printed upon the finest boards, cards and counter sheets. Players are allowed to step into the shoes of a commander who must think, improvise and act using a squadron of trained combat officers and other unit officers who specialize in fields such as computer security and demolition. The player is required to roll a dice or pull chits and manage the outcomes to control and create a team of officers with different strengths and niches. All while traveling along with a designated mission map, fighting uniquely designed enemies and braving all other inconveniences that obstruct the way.

The game, with its different modes to play, is meant to cater the gaming and entertainment needs of one (solo) and up to three people, aged 12 years and above. The engrossing layout, concept, and terminologies of the game help players deeply immerse themselves in the experience. Through Space Infantry Resurgence, Lock ‘n Load Publishing aims to provide customers with a rare opportunity of experiencing the best of gaming and the best of graphics, together in one complete package of entertainment. The key elements of the game promise to keep gamers occupied with various missions and campaigns while achieving a sense of gallant heroism. This, certainly, is a futuristic take on games based on battles inspired by the functioning of military forces across the world. This intergalactic endeavor will, certainly, prove to be a class apart as it is as ambitious, as it is realistic.

More information on Space Infantry Resurgence and the rewards available for backers can be found on their Kickstarter campaign page.

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