Entrepreneur and Instagram influencer Logan Lucky Ford announces his new venture Ford Skincare

Entrepreneur and Instagram influencer Logan Lucky Ford announces his new venture Ford Skincare

Logan Lucky Ford, who goes by the username of ‘whereislucky’ on his popular Instagram profile, has unveiled his new skincare company named Ford Skincare that will be launched this year. He is a young entrepreneur, model and social media influencer with a fan following of over 12k users on Instagram and Facebook. He has appeared on some of the popular media channels like London Post, Arizona Daily, and The Frisky among others.

His newest venture Ford Skincare will feature a line of skincare products, specially formulated for the millennial skin. The products use all natural and highly research ingredients that are safe, and effective for the skin. Millennials are more concerned about skincare than the previous generation so offering a range of effective skincare products to them is a smart business move. “We understand that today’s generation cares about their skin more than ever. Also, because of their lifestyle and environmental factors, the millennials are suffering from a lot of skin problems which is why it becomes important for them to use products that prevent such skin issues and provide radiant and healthy skin”, says Logan Lucky Ford, in his official announcement about the launch of his skincare brand.

A few decades back, most people were using only natural ingredients for their skin but the pharmaceutical revolution led to the introduction of thousands of skincare products, made with chemicals. While these products can provide quick results, a lot of people are now becoming aware of the long term side effects which is why they are turning to natural products once again. Ford Skincare is utilizing this opportunity to provide a product line that will include 3-step-routine to improve skin health and texture. This range will include a cleanser, moisturizer and a day and night serum, which when used regularly will lead to healthy, and radiant skin.

The cleanser will be composed of amino acid-based ingredients that gently clean and exfoliate the skin, while the moisturizer will be composed of highest grade Zinc Oxide and hyaluronic acid as well as SPF to protect the skin from the sun. This package is followed by a day and night serum that has anti-aging and nourishing properties, through its potent ingredients for getting beautiful skin.

Being a leading social media influencer, entrepreneur and model, people have a lot of expectations from Logan and he hopes to meet their expectations with his skincare brand.

Visit Ford Skincare’s official website for further updates.

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