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On June 4-6, 2019 At The Landmark 10850 W. Pico Blvd. LA CA 90064 The 10th Annual New Media Film Festival presents 128 New Media Films & Content from 23 countries across 6 Continents. 47 World Premieres, 9 U.S. Premieres, 20 L.A. Premieres.

Opening night includes classic and technology categories from Hall of Famer to Student Content Creators!

Young music sensation at the opening night of New Media Film Festival

The start of 2019 has already been amazing for emerging and breakout talent GiGi Cesare. The talented singer has been garnering fans with new music and visuals. An already established actress as well, GiGi has been featured in films and on television, she will be performing her new release, Cinderella.

Gigi V Cesare – Country: USA – Running time: 5:00 – World Premiere!

Discover the relationship philosophy at New Media Film Festival 2019

Go Away I Like You is an animated music video, directed by Jeff Boller. This is a funny and heart touching story about a boy who has a crush on a girl and subsequently wants to avoid her. This 3D CG film was created by one person over the course of a year and a half.

Go Away I Like You 3D – Country: USA – Running time: 2:38

Surround yourself with art literally and figuratively at New Media Film Festival 2019

Each of us gets up in the morning, drinks coffee and goes to work, gym, or just a meeting. Someone is late for a date, someone feels nervous before the job interview. Each of us experiences different emotions at the same moment. Karel Bata shows these feelings and emotions in incredible project Platform 6. North London Line commuters are seen at 250fps (slow motion). This is a pilot piece for an 8-hour installation.

Platform 6 3D – Country: UK – Running time: 2:00

Strong ethical issues announced at New Media Film Festival 2019

At the intersection of war and peace, Dr. Denis Mukwege, 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, a noble doctor and courageous survivors emerge as heroes and thought leaders for civil and human rights. Discover why a young woman hauntingly declares the words that inspired the title, “My Body Is Not A Weapon.” This film was shot on Canon Mark II and iPhone 5 at Democratic Republic of Congo and USA. The project directed by Platon. Still images shot on Hassleblad 555ELD and Leica M6.

My Body Is Not A Weapon – Country: Democratic Republic of Congo and USA L.A. Premiere!

New cutting-edge independent and experimental media announced at New Media Film Festival 2019

World Premiere for AR app “David Bowie Is”, narrated by Gary Oldman and directed by Nick Dangerfield. The AR app is based on the immensely popular touring exhibition at V&A in London, and will grant access to the show’s hundreds of costumes, videos, handwritten lyrics, original works of art and much more.

David Bowie Is – Country: USA – Running time: 0:30 – World Premiere!

The art of the impossible which intrigues imagination announced at New Media Film Festival 2019

World Premiere for an amazing trailer “Blade of Honor”, one of the last projects of legendary Richard Hatch. The genre of fantasy has been around for thousands of years – it appeared almost as soon as people learned how to write. During, the whole history of human civilization, at all times, were dreamers who created amazing worlds, outlandish places, and beautiful stories. The authors of “Blade of Honor” are some of those talented dreamers, that’s why the team of the festival offer you to join them in a wonderful sci-fi journey. You just can’t miss it!

Blade of Honor – Country: USA – Running time: 1:23 – World Premiere!

New cutting-edge media helps to understand the art of being yourself at New Media Film Festival 2019

Arthur Balder wonders what is the true beauty in his new project “American Mirror”. On our Instagram or Facebook pages, we show only the best part of ourselves, the “beautiful” part of our lives. We hide in this fake. We are so immersed in the process of creating our ideal virtual personality that we forget about real life. We forget the simple truth that beauty is inside. Susan Sarandon like Mona Lisa and Tigran Tsitoghdzyan like Leonardo da Vinci invite you to the path of understanding yourself. Focusing on the idea that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, the painter, together with the creators of the project, represents a very graceful and elegant work.

American Mirror – Country: USA – Running time: 2:27

Ideas and technologies that turn your world upside down at New Media Film Festival 2019

L.A Premier for new Ted Lange project “Take it from the Top”. It’s always hard to begin the life from the scratch, but what can you do when your 45? Jill Whelan, Leah Stanko Mangum, and amazingly creative team answer this question in sarcastic and original way. You can’t miss it, otherwise what will you do when you turn 45 and realize that you need to drastically change your life?

Take It From The Top – Country: USA – Running time: 3:24 – L.A. Premiere!

Authentic and heart touching stories announced at New Media Film Festival 2019

Hall of Famer – Singer songwriter Chip Taylor (Wild Thing, Angel of the Morning) reflects on life lessons including horse racing, gambling, women, and whiskey in his project “Whiskey Salesman”. His songs have been covered by Janis Joplin, Juice Newton, Anne Murray, Ace Frehley, Chrissie Hynde, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris including Jimi Hendrix and a lot of other amazing musicians. Authentic and emotional confession with hints of single malt whiskey by a lively musical.

Whiskey Salesman – Country: USA – Running time: 4:56 – L.A. Premiere!

Experimental media and amazing Digital Comics announced at New Media Film Festival 2019

World premiere for Digital Comic trailer “Lily” about iconic and extremely talented Lily Renée, directed by Adrienne Gruber. She is legend. She is true warrior. She is one of the first women in the comic-book industry. It’s all about Lily Renée. She escaped Nazi-occupied Vienna as a young girl, and went on to become one of the true pioneers during the Golden Age of comics. Her life path is incredible and inspiring. A talented team of artists vividly and unusually presented how Lily sees the world and they are ready to share this story at the New Media Film Festival.

Lily – Country: USA – Running time: 1:25 – World Premiere!

The Best Sci-Fi Projects which were produced with New Technologies at New Media Film Festival 2019

L.A. premiere for Sci-Fi drama “The Blackout”, directed by Egor Baranov. In a world that is on the verge of utter destruction, does the end always justify the means? Such a rhetorical question is posed by the talented team of this project. In the best traditions of dystopias by Ray Bradbury, Egor Baranov discovers the philosophical meaning of human life. Despite all the darkness of the theme, the creative team brilliantly coped with their task and created vivid and memorable images. They are happy to invite you to watch the teaser of “The Blackout” at the New Media Film Festival.

The Blackout – Country: Russia – Running time: 1:31 – L.A. Premiere!

The fresh look on the old things at New Media Film Festival 2019

World Premiere for Student Project “Mimicry.7.III-IV” directed by Kun Xia. We live in an incredible world of technologies, we can travel into space, study microorganisms, and see each other being thousands of miles apart. Have we reached our limit? Mimicry.7.III-IV discovers this question by a journey through space. The incredible two-minute adventure with animated discordant, combine with abstract imagery with symbolism storytelling is waiting for you!

Mimicry.7.III-IV – Country: USA – Running time: 1:50 – World Premiere!

About the Festival

In a world where technology is ever-evolving, it is a story that will satiate the soul of humans. Not just any story, but stories worth telling. New Media Film Festival works hard to produce a festival that highlights and honors the hard working and uprising content creators in the New Media Industry. World Premiers from the USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia amongst many others together with VIP soirees, Q&A’s and panels are part of the festival program.

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