Quantum Energy Chain (QEV) Provides Customised Health Solutions on Blockchain

Quantum Energy Chain (A.K.A. QEV) is the health management platform combining quantum medicine and blockchain technologies, dedicated to provide more accurate and efficient customised private health solutions.

With the advantages of ‘decentralised data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encrypted algorithm’ of blockchain, QEV records the users’ health condition by using wearable devices, quantum cabin and data collecting modules on physiotherapy, to acquire analysis report based on real-time big data, and further implement healthcare and disease prevention through wearable devices, quantum cabin and quantum resonance frequency of physiotherapy instrument.

Physiotherapy Instrument Subchain1

Quantum Cabin —> Info Collection Module Big Data Credential Stuffing —> Wearable Devices Subchain2 —> Acquiring Pathological Info and Providing Prevention Plan

QEV Quantum medicine is based on quantum mechanics, integrating quantum biology, quantum pharmacology and bioinformatics, implementing systematic prevention, adjustment, diagnosis and treatment on organism by leveraging electronic waves, radiation, energy and other physical forms in microstates. The quantum product developed by subsidiary companies releases magnetised energy wave up to 100 million times per second, which can strengthen cell viability, enhance immunity and further provides long-term healthcare.

QEV is believed to be the exclusive authorised cooperation partner of Quantum Lab of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Upholding rigorous scientific attitude, the founding team highly values development and protection of proprietary intellectual property rights, talent cultivation, constant improvement of the team’s independent research and innovative abilities. Up to now, QEV has accomplished over 50 patent for invention and utility.

According to Xu Huihua, the CEO of QEV, currently the team has completed the product D&R and market survey for quantum optical wave physiotherapy instrument, quantum anion spectacles and quantum cosmetic roller. In the meanwhile, multi-chain network development and basic functions, smart contract R&D and testing and node collection module instalment are all implemented. Next, QEV products will march into the global market and in 2019, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia and Mongolia will be the main focuses, following which other countries and regions await exploration.

TokenTitan, the financial advisor of QEV, is a leading one-stop blockchain investment banker tea who will m join the development of QEV and offer strong support.

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