Likalo, LLC Launches Its into Open Beta

Likalo, LLC levels up to the game of publishing and editing dynamic content with their flagship product

Toronto, ON – Apr 26, 2019 – Likalo, LLC releases into open beta. With their latest product release, their clients can now create software documentation easily. can be used to update, create, publish, translate, and maintain product documentation easily and dynamically publish it by embedding it into any application or website with a string of JavaScript. The clients can use Docsie as a technical authoring tool and content editor. Write, edit, and store their software documentation or user guides in one place and embed them anywhere with a string of JavaScript with no servers to deploy and no infrastructure to maintain.

Aside from the documentation feature, Docsie also serves as an online markdown editor that can offer more customized options for the user to manage all their markdown docs in one place. The product of Likalo, LLC is very easy to use for content editing. It’s an effective content editor and technical authoring tool that can make creation of dynamic website content simple and quick.

With the markdown editor feature of the, it’s users can edit, write as well as store their software documentation and user guides in the same place. Likalo, LLC is happy about the success of which has grown to over 5000 happy and satisfied users after just one year, helping over 500 teams and businesses to maintain their product docs and user guides. With that, they continue to develop more effective solutions to improve user experience and help it’s user takes advantage of dynamic content capabilities offered by Docsie.

Both founders come from IT and technical writing backgrounds and this experience helps them to master the essential techniques to develop more innovative products to better serve the needs of their customers – technical writers and product teams. The company’s CEO Philippe Trounev said, “We have been striving hard to achieve the highest satisfaction for our customers. We are currently working with AI and Machine Learning to transform dynamic content into smart content, to help our customers understand how their users interact with their docs and guides and help them improve their software documentation as a result.”

What started as a simple markdown editor evolved and became a professional software documentation authoring tool. It comes with amazing features such as free CDN, dynamic capabilities for A/B testing, easy version and translation management, built in image optimization, simple user interface, support for large and small teams, and no hustle publishing.

They already established a good name in the market, and they continue to meticulously work to improve their product and provide innovative services to an otherwise stagnant market. They continuously work to ensure the highest quality and seamless user experience for their customers.

The Likalo, LLC has a friendly team that delivers unsurpassed professionalism and excellent customer support to its clients. They continuously improve the quality of their work because fulfilling the clients’ needs is an attestment of their teams success.

About Likalo, LLC:

Likalo, LLC is a software company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. is their flagship product which is a more innovative documentation publishing and authoring tool. The becomes a free and open product that supports software developers and companies to publish and author technical guides and documentation.

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