Tokentop Exmplained the POA Value of Blockchain Social Media

Consensus mechanism guarantees all occurred transactions to be authentic, thus to better maintain blockchain. POA represents the use of identity, as the country perfects the individual credit reporting system increasingly, people emphasize their identity value more, and it also represents that information data are value. POA consensus mechanism is to gain token reward by focusing on time and action weighting measures attention. Attention means users’ attention to a specific matter calculated within a certain period by big data calculation and systematically collecting users’ attention behaviors such as watch, thumb up, comment and reward according to a certain weighted index, thus to grant token awards and return the information data back to participants in an equivalent form.

Hash calculation of each POA active note broadcasts to the entire network about this block head after finding the required block, and all active note receives the broadcasts to conduct verification. POA algorithm comprehensively calculates user engagement of projects and topics periodically. Moreover, the reliable numerical value of projects and topics is adjusted on this basis, if the number of discarded project blocks and topic blocks is relatively large, the showing degree will be reduced, and otherwise, the range of target audience will be increased. POA mechanism combination is coming soon on Tokentop community platform.

POA design is similar with POS agreement, but it also shares some elements with POW. However, without the communication among nodes, it handles transactions much faster, and therefore, it is easier to set up and participate, suiting for trust docking of a single client on the platform.

For projects such as blockchain, it needs to focus on the number of project community users, besides those incremental data such as PV, activeness is a very important indicator. The degree of engagement, the quantity of thumb up, as well as the post rate play a very obvious project value reference function. The plates such as topic section of Sina microblog, Q&A section of Zhihu, as well as interest section of Baidu Tieba aim to promote the platform value in virtue of their own user activeness.

The media reporting blockchain are content oriented, and the media platform gain incomes. While the media community participating in blockchain interaction, and both users and platform can gain incomes. The traditional integral can only be used internally, unable to transact and circulate, it is a rigid demand to combine token with POA mechanism to replace the integral, and it will be more meaningful if integrating it into the existing business scenarios. As the first platform using POA mechanism, Tokentop community perfectly takes interest oriented from the people and use it for the people.

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