Wowzers, the new SaaS that claims to help businesses and startups engineer extraordinary growth, will attend the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona, Spain, on the 2nd-3rd of May 2019. Aimed at entrepreneurs, investors, marketers and growth hackers, Wowzers is well placed to engage with participants attending the two-day summit.
Wowzers believes that growth hacking will shortly oust digital marketing as the dominant marketing paradigm. To support businesses during this major transition, Wowzers has developed a semiscientific methodology which validates business assumptions while removing emotion from the decision-making process. It provides an intuitive, consistent and repeatable workflow to transform ideas into experiments which are validated, executed and measured.
Borrowing from SCRUM, Agile and Waterfall project management principles, Wowzers’ data-driven growth experimentation framework allows businesses to rapidly prioritise, measure & validate business assumptions while reducing investment risks (time, money, energy).
Wowzers integrated workflow allows businesses to create and execute their growth strategy from ideation to conception in simple modular stages. Few Saas combine a growth framework, risk management and rapid decision making like Wowzers. No growth hacking experience required.
For those interested in learning more, the Wowzers delegation shall be present at the EU-Startups summit on May 2nd-3rd 2019 in Barcelona. To make an appointment or request more information, please contact us at or visit

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