SoHo Silkties, reinventing neckties with intricate and meaningful designs and unparalleled quality

What completes an outfit better than a neck tie, that not only complement the entire look being carried but also helps the wearer stand out in a crowd. The necktie might be a subtle and under-rated clothing accessory but it has a prominent role to play in creating a memorable and fashionable look. SoHo Silkties is a venture that acknowledges the value of a perfect tie for a perfect outfit and have, hence, come forth with a stylish range of neckties, making sure that there is a tie for every outfit, every event and for everyone’s personal taste.

SoHo Silkties are made using the finest silks and are 100% handmade. These features, however, do not translate into highly priced products. Instead, the company aims to make affordable neckwear – fashionable and statement styles that are accessible to all. These superior quality neckties are carefully designed keeping in mind the best of fashion sense and taste creating an exclusive range of neckties that SoHo Silkties rightfully call the “Best of the Best” collection. Best in fashion, best in quality and best for the pocket.

The founder and ‘Tie Connoisseur’ of SoHo Silkties, carefully examines trends in fashion that revolves around neckwear and only then does he approve of designs and textures that are worthy of being titled as the ‘Best of the Best.’ This highly selective approach to curating the collection has resulted in a unique collection that includes eye-catching pieces such as their ‘Classic Checks Silk Tie’ and ‘Floral Icon Silk tie’ along with many other marvellous neckties. The company caters to the fashion requirements of all type of people and provides ties that help establish real connections between customers and their ideologies, allowing their inner personalities to shine brightly and boldly. The range promises a tie for all occasions and events; let it be a life-changing interview, presentation or just a casual dinner. SoHo Silkties is determined to help their customers put their best foot forward at all times. By closely examining elite fashion designers the founder and curator for SoHo Silkties has successfully identified the secret behind a grand tie, ultimately allowing the company to hand over the key to a well-dressed attire to their customers.

In today’s day and age, attire holds a great role in influencing peoples’ perspectives on other people. Since fashion is a tool for reflecting a person’s most likable qualities and traits, accessories such as neckties hold great potential for expression and SoHo Silkties are a great way to express your inner gentleman, anytime, anywhere.

SoHo Silkties are available for purchase on their official website.

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