Feisou Has Developed A Nourishing Shampoo That Is Rich In Vitamin C

Feisou Has Developed A Nourishing Shampoo That Is Rich In Vitamin C

Orange, a mysterious plant that was introduced to Eurasia by Arabs, having been cultivated for more than 4000 years. There are many excellent orange varieties on the earth, and they like warm and humid climate, thus tropical and subtropical areas are suitable for the growth of them. They grow well in deep, fertile, neutral or weakly acidic sandy loam, and their annual precipitation demand is about 1000 mm. In addition, their root growth has a higher requirement for oxygen content in soil.

Tangerine peel oil is rich in vitamin C that has a strong antioxidant effect. It can nourish people’s hair and keep their hair being springy.

People always pay special attention to their skin. They use facial mask, eye cream and essence to care for it, but often forget to care for their hair. In fact, when the skin is sunburned, the hair will also be attacked, because it is exposed to sunshine without any protection. It would be too late for people to recover and improve their hair condition when they finally realize something. Therefore, it is wise to know the hair well and learn how to maintain hair in advance.

So how should people care for their hair?

First, know their own hair texture clearly.

Second, choose the shampoo and hair conditioner that are suitable for them.

Third, reduce the frequency of perming and dying hair.

Fourth, use hair drier and curler less, because high temperature would burn hair.

Fifth, less staying up, which would lead to hair loss.

If people develop good daily habits, they can greatly improve the condition of their hair.

Feisou Has Developed A Nourishing Shampoo That Is Rich In Vitamin C

feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo is produced for people with dry, split and damaged hair. It is rich in plant essential oils,nourishing hair from the inside out and making it refreshing and smooth. This product is liquid in texture and fine in foam. What’s more, its fresh smell helps people relax and relieve fatigue.

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