Saint Sapphire, at the forefront of a New Generation of Rock Acts claiming back the Industry

Saint Sapphire, at the forefront of a New Generation of Rock Acts claiming back the Industry
The Times they are a changing… sang Bob Dylan but not even the great Mr Dylan could have foreseen the massive changes affecting the Music Industry today.

In a nutshell, record companies don’t sell records anymore… well not in the quantities that they used to in the halcyon days of the 1970’s or 1980’s. Technology has made such rapid advances that the technology of today is sometimes not even fit and working for the day after tomorrow.

The Music Industry has been democratised in such a manner that now the power lies very much back in the hands of those making the Music and no longer in the hands of the Corporate Behemoths that used to control matters.

A certain M Zuckerberg changed all that and now the power of promotion has been totally democratised in such a way that Media is no longer controlled firmly by the few for the benefit of the few but now the huge Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc provide a ready and quick access to market that in days gone by, Bands and Recording Artists could only dream about let alone experience.

One such Act is Northern Ireland’s Saint Sapphire.

A four piece, two guitars, bass and drums band from Belfast and Counties Antrim and Down, they are finding a ready market for the guitar based rock as far apart as Germany in the East to the Pacific North West of the USA in Seattle in the West. Sydney in Australia to the South and Aberdeen in Scotland to the North.

Full of passion, angst and frustration mixed with a “heady dose” of realism, Saint Sapphire capture the sound and frustrations of a generation of disenfranchised youth.

With a sound born out of equal parts passion, mixed with cynicism, they articulate the voice of a disconnected generation. A generation feeling betrayed by todays corrupt melange of Politicos and Crooks masquerading as World leaders, the band cry out for a new dialogue, one that encompasses hope and inclusion.

Available from all the usual digital outlets, Rule the World Tonight is the first single on the new GME/Sony/Orchard label and is out now:

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