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Long before the internet, people had discovered ways to exploit large companies. They would watch trademarks very carefully. If a company forgot to renew that trademark, it would be bought by someone else. If that company was well known for that trademark and didn’t want to give it up, the company would have to pay up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it back.

The internet has made activities like this much easier to perform. On social networks especially, people will create usernames based on a company’s brand name or slogan. This is known as cybersquatting, or brand name squatting on social networks . In this way, another company can increase its exposure on the internet through the reputation that you have already built. Worse yet, what if a rival company wanted to harm your reputation? Although unethical, these things happen regularly. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of social networks on the internet, with more being created every day. It would be difficult to scour each one individually, ensuring that your brand name or slogan is not being used by someone else. can search username availability on social networks in a matter of seconds. In this way, you can keep track of your username and discover who might be using it and on which websites. You can also discover on which social media networks your username is available. The best course of action would then be to create a profile on each of these sites, but that would be rather difficult. Through claim brand, you can register on over 550 social networks within a week, ensuring that no one is operating with false association to the business that you have built.

We can create a claim brand profile on facebook, twitter, YouTube, and literally hundreds of other social networking sites that you may not have heard of. Moreover, if you know of a site that isn’t on our list, just let us know and we’ll add it. By maintaining a relationship with us, you can search username availability on social networks that will be created later, allowing you brand name protection both now and in the future.

Brand name squatting is a serious issue. Someone can build another business on your reputation, or even use their profile to ruin your reputation. will make you aware of all of this, giving you the ability to take action accordingly. can also use these social networking sites to further expose your company name. This will increase your ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo. All you have to do is generate traffic on those sites to ensure that your reputation builds positively and maintains the high ranking that you have achieved on those websites. Companies all over the world have learned how valuable these social networks can be. Now, you can utilize that value to its fullest extent through

Visit today, and learn more about how we can help protect your brand name from cyber squatters and increase your exposure across the entire globe.

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