Buck’s new book “Bruce the Fire Dog and His North Pole Friends Say Hello” receives a warm literary welcome

Buck\'s new book \

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Children – Concept book “Bruce the Fire Dog and His North Pole Friends Say Hello” by Buck Boylan, currently available at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MTVSBD2.

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Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Bruce the Fire Dog and His North Pole Friends Say Hello is a holiday-themed concept story book for children written by Buck Boylan. Bruce is a Dalmatian, a dog breed known for its hard-working efficiency and bravery in working alongside firefighters. He’s also a reporter and an author, who most recently wrote a book about a fire that took place at the North Pole and his role in saving Christmas, titled Bruce the Fire Dog Saves Christmas. In this book, Bruce introduces the other people who make Christmas happen, including Santa Claus’s entire family. He describes how Papa Claus, Santa’s lumberjack father, found that pristine wilderness where he would be inspired to build a small village. Readers will also meet Santa’s mother, sister and brother, Bob the Scottish elf, and his eleven reindeer, who hail from all over the globe.

Bruce the Fire Dog and His North Pole Friends Say Hello is an imaginative and entertaining addition to the lore of the North Pole and that enigmatic man who delivers toys to millions of children every Christmas Eve. Ever wonder how Santa finds chimneys to descend even in houses that have no fireplaces or how he’s able to fit all those millions of toys in the sack he carries? The answers to these and other enduring Christmas mysteries are brought to light courtesy of Bruce and his friends. I especially enjoyed Papa Claus’s story about the three angels, Santa’s description of how he got offered the best job ever, and Mrs. Helen Claus’s account of how she and Santa first met. The multicultural stories presented by Bob’s reindeer are also a grand introduction for children to other cultures and countries. The stories are well written and a lot of fun to read, and the illustrations will put a new and entirely awesome spin on how people perceive Santa and his extended family up at the North Pole. Bruce the Fire Dog and His North Pole Friends Say Hello is most highly recommended.”

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