The Eastern “Ode To Joy” Played Again Composer Wang Ning Calls Future With Music

Symphony <’Ode To Humanity’ for Chorus and Orchestra> which was specially recommended to the world by UNESCO, was performed again at the Shanghai World Expo museum theatre recently. This symphony was the fifth symphony composed by professor Wang Ning who is a Chinese famous composer of international influence of the world. This work composed for symphony orchestra, mixed chorus and children’s chorus. The core idea of this composition was to carry forward the values of Confucian Humanism. The monumental symphony consists of seven movements which represent the core values of humanism are Ren, Yi, Li, Zhi, Xin and the prelude and coda. was premiered in public in 2011, the first performance received rave reviews. And then, in 21 September 2013 it was invited by UNESCO and premiered in Paris headquarters of UNESCO for ‘The International Day of Peace’. This performance had caused a sensation subsequently in European. This successful performance was praised by personages of all circles and reported by CCTV, major media and websites around the world.

Ms. Irina Bokova , the former Director-General of UNESCO, gave highly appraise to this composition: ‘The core values of people oriented contained in this symphony was consistent with new humanism which advocated by UNESCO.’ Mr. Bandarin, the director-general of Culture of UNESCO, appraised this work that ‘The composition was magnificent and rich in poetry and philosophy. Furthermore, it was the perfect combination of Chinese and Western classical music’. Mr. Andre, the art director of Paris Art City, commented this work that ‘I heard something new in this symphony, which with Chinese contemporary characteristics in it, that was different from . The technique of this composition is very novel, and it taking into account the appreciation of the ordinary audience, so it refreshed me very much.’ Now was the only composition that specially recommended to the world by UNESCO, and this symphony was reputed to be the‘ of Eastern’ by the experts from home and abroad.

was performed successively in many regions and countries just like Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe, South Africa, U.S.A, Beijing and so on. In August 2014, it was performed on tour in three places in Taiwan by the orchestra which was associated by Shenzhen, Taipei and Hong Kong with chorus. This amazing grand magnificent and momentum music give a cultural feast for Taiwan, and hot tickets performance caused a great sensation and was widely reported by media. The sensational effect of the music had become a cultural hot spot rapidly. Some audiences followed the steps of the performance team to listen the music thrice in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. Mr. Yu Muming, Chairman of the New Party, used the word ‘Surge’ to describe his impression of . He said that ‘This is a great symphony that you must observing with your eyes, listening with your ears and feel it with your heart’. Ms. Yu Bingqing, Head of Taipei Orchestra, excitedly said that ‘when the chorus singing, I was surrounded by divine feelings and tears came down’. ‘Some of my friends were moved to tears by the great work and I believed that a truly great work will touch your heart.’

In September 2014, was invited to the 69th session of the United Nations general assembly and performed by Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra and chorus which was conducted by music director and chief conductor Mr. Yannick in United Nations headquarters in New York. Xinhua Net Newsletter’s article ‘Displaying the Essence of Traditional Chinese Culture – A Record of Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra’s Performance of AT The United Nationas’ reports: is a splendid composition to promote Chinese culture. In 1973, the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra brought symphony to China for the first time. Forty-one years later, the Philly Symphony Orchestra brings this Chinese symphony to the United Nations headquarters.’ People’s Daily online commentary on the headline of ‘ Is The Common Pursuit Of Mankind’ highly praised contribution to promoting world peace said: ‘At the United Nations on the stage to the humanities, earnest voice fully expressed the Chinese people love peace, and also means to take an active part in world cultural value system, to make new greater contributions to world peace development.’ is a great work dedicated to world peace and a Chinese expression of humanity’s noble character.

In August 2018 at the 34th session of Sumer Concert of Harbin-China which held by Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Harbin Municipal People’s Government, the latest version of was performed by Harbin Symphony Orchestra and mixed chorus and children’s chorus conducted by the composer himself. It was the premiered for the first time in the composer’s hometown, it lets more people in China and the world share the wisdom of the Chinese civilization.

Dr. Wang Ning is a professor and academic leader of The Composition Department of China Conservatory of Music. He also is a theorist and conductor. His book is the first officially published orchestration course in China. He also has conducted symphony orchestras and various performance teams. He was commissioned by a large number of orchestras in China and abroad, and his compositions was performed by more than hundred various kinds orchestras, opera house and theater at China and abroad. He has a wide range of compose fields which contained his nine symphonies, three operas like, multiple orchestral music, national orchestral music, concerto, chamber music, electronic music, film music, vocal music and so on, and his compositions has been widely praised. His music styles are varied, and he have the courage to bring forth new ideas and new pattern of manifestations, and all appreciate his music both refined and popular.

At the same time, his compositions contained profound ideas, distinctive creative personality and sincere concern for the real society and the fate of human beings. In his third symphony, he expressed his reflections on social problems, the destiny of mankind and his strong calling for the peace. His chamber music composed in 1999, was the first ‘action art’ music of China which contained the reflections on problems of human existence. The special expression forms of it always caused a strong response from the audience, and this work often to be studied by multiple theorists in their thesis. His Symphony No.9 was the first symphony which on the theme of environment protection in the world. Some musical instruments used in the orchestra are many kinds of rubbish to cooperate with the orchestra, solo vocal and chorus.

In these works by using shocking symphony language, the composer expressed his worries about the fate of mankind, and the humanistic concern of human nature. Some of audience fallen into tears by the special ending form of the symphony. is praised as a composition ‘with powerful symphony language sounded alarm of human existence. Looking forward the composer’s great compositions like these will be performed around the world and call for human awakening, and pray for mankind!

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